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AP-100 is an automated and multifunctional programmer. It is designed for raising production efficiency and saving manpower, so its automation level is high. This machine can move in, move out and program different kinds of ICs by itself. When AP-100 begins to program ICs, there is no other work needs people to do. Because the key jobs are finished by this programmer, many mistakes that are made by people can be avoid. As a result, the efficiency and the quality of programming will rise, especially when an amount of ICs need to be programmed.


   MULTIFUNCTION: By changing the input and output components of AP-100, it can deal with different packing types of ICs, including tray, tape and tube.

  STRONG PROGRAMMING ABILITY: Every AP-100 contains four programming units that are independent from each other and the number of the sites that one unit has is up to eight, so people can install up to thirty-two sites in one AP-100. It makes the machine has the ability to program large mounts of ICs in a short time.

  HIGH LEVEL OF AUTOMATION: The function of the software is powerful. Loading, programming, sorting and unloading ICs are all under the control of this software.

  DEPENDABLE OPTICAL RECOGNITION SYSTEM: With two advanced CCD and one professional graphical recognition software, the computer can recognize different ICs exactly and position them precisely.

  EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY: The programming units and sets are designed elaborately to suit different ICs. Most of the different ICs with the same package can use the same set, so users need not change components of the AP-100 frequently. Even though it is necessary to change them, the steps are very simple. The compatibility is a marked character of the AP-100.

  EASY TO MAINTENANCE: The programmer has the ability to check itself and feed the result back to users, so if some mistakes happen, users can find them quickly and deal with the malfunction easily.

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