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wellon vp-598 Reply  

3 months ago, I purchased VP-598 but It doesn’t support 16 pin package [M25P32VMF*16SO].

I used VP-596 that support 16pin package but I heard that it is no more produced.

Do you have a something that can use 16pin package [M25P32VMF*16SO] ??

or Are you still producing VP-596??

Thank you.

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Does version 4.7.1 supports VP490 Reply  

Does the software V4.7.1 supports the VP490 programmer ?

With V4.7.0 the software detects the Programmer"s Type and the Serial Number.

With V4.7.1 the software initializes the programmer but it doesn"t detect the Programmer"s Type and Serial Number. Also with this version some devices (like the AM29F040) are not supported. When using the previous version (4.7.0) these devices are supported and the programmer works perfectly.

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EMP-390 Intel 87C51FA Reply  

I have a EMP-390 whit software wellon 4.7.2 FW 22

when i program Intel 87C51FA is ok, but when compare to buffer fail...I tested 10 peices but still fail.

this is message:
<<Data compare result>>
>>Chip Addr. Data-----Buffer Addr. Data 
>> 00000000H FFH    00000000H 02H
>> 00000001H FFH    00000001H 20H
>> 00000002H FFH    00000002H 00H
>> 00000003H FFH    00000003H 02H
and continue all the lines....
Last post : Re:EMP-390 Intel 87C51FA Reply: lxl
if "Edit Auto" select "Secure",after program, the chip is secured,compare will fail!

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VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 Reply  
VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 not working

Do not find Adapter! Set Adapter: Run <Read> without chip on the adapter!

VP-480 on it with two adapters works perfectly.
I have two WL-TSOP56-640 adapters.
Last post : Re:VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 Reply: lxl
the adapter name of VP998 is same with VP-480"s ,WL-TSOP56-F640,
new adapter support VP998, VP480,
old adapter only support VP480.

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vp898 write fig file error Reply  
I bought a vp898 programmer with new software v4.72 in window 7 pro. computer.There is a problem of write fig file err. and can not use
this programmer.
Last post : Re:vp898 write fig file error Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
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vp-896+socket e138-3+ bga 256M29EWH Reply  
Hi friends .

need read bga 256M29EWH .. but not in list wellon soft 4.7.2
models list soft :
RC28F256M29EWH @64EBGA


i have wellon 896 + socket e138-3

Last post : Re:vp-896+socket e138-3+ bga 256M29EWH Reply: lxl
not correct to read ? please send error photo to [email protected]

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Programmer comparison Reply  

Which is better, VP998 or GP600 ?
Which one is newer ? and which one will receive updates longer.
I ask because i have VP990 which i bought for 500 Euros and now no more
support and no more software updates !!
Last post : Re:Programmer comparison Reply: lxl
$800usd. this is new product.

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NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply  
Is there any chance someone can tell me how to program this chip ?
This chip is the cause of my radio not working, but when i fit a new one nothing happens, but i fit one from another radio it works.
So i think i must program it with the data from a working chip?
Can someone help please?
Any advice is much appreciated

I attach a photo below

Last post : Re:NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply: lxl
yes,this is not possible to read it with all programmers.
if write,you need its file.

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I have VP990.
is it capable of reading and writing TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP ?
also, which adapter do i need ?
Last post : Re:TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP Reply: lxx
We can select 29F2G08ABCWP, adjust VCC to 3V and try.

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VP990 adapter question Reply  
I have a VP990.
Does it support the following BGA chips? and which adapters i need ?

Spansion GL512P
Spansion GL128N
Last post : Re:VP990 adapter question Reply: lxx
We don"t find its programming information. But "I" means -40℃ to 85℃.
You can try it.

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Hynix HY27UT084G2A help Reply  
VP-998 can not be selected and programmed Hynix HY27UT084G2A
Last post : Re:Hynix HY27UT084G2A help Reply: lxx
VP998 don"t support it. We don"t find it programming information.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-8-28 20:18:04 ] Edit Administer TOP"

MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply  

Is the VP990 compatible with this BGA ?
And which adapter is needed ?

Last post : Re:MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply: lxx
VP998 supports it.

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VP990 Reply  
Tell me a support for the programmer VP 990 is over? Do you support your product only for three years?
Last post : Re:VP990 Reply: benaknoun
yes apparently no more support, no more software updates, sadly !
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H27U2G8F2C  poroblem with VP-998 Reply  
I have a problem with VP-988 and Hunix H27U2G8F2 (nand flash)

I use WL-TSOP48-U1 adapter.
After several readings of the same flash check sum is never the same, the last 4 hex characters are always different.

Loading the bin for programming has no check sums that existed in earlier version of the wellon programmer.
It is a very useful option.
Programmed verification is never ok

Software   Ver.: 4.7.2(7.8.2017)

Best regards

[ The message is modified by zica49 ]
Last post : Re:H27U2G8F2C  poroblem with VP-998 Reply: zica49
best regards
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zine ddine Reply  
i can read 29f400 44pin with vp598
[ The message is modified by zinou ]
Last post : Re:zine ddine Reply: lxx
VP598 can"t support 44 pin 29F400. It support 48pin 29F400.
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KFG1GN6W2D support? Reply  
Programmer KFG1GN6W2D Nand for Vp-996?
Its possible?
Thanks so much.
Last post : Re:KFG1GN6W2D support? Reply: myx1
we do not find its datasheet on Samsung.
if you have the datasheet,please send to [email protected]
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Running the programmer software Reply  
Bob Bell
I have the VP-290 with the latest software, 4.71. Software installs fine, I plug in the programmer and the driver loads, and I get a blue link light on the VP-290. But when I try to run the software, it asks for a Microsoft Front Page 2003 disk, trying to find FP11.MSI. Very odd. Anyone know what I can do?
Last post : Re:Running the programmer software Reply: lxl
use another PC to try.
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Z8F1621AN020SG Reply  
hi i have wellon vp-896 can i program Z8F1621AN020SG chip with my wellon? i baught this adapter from china CNV-QFP-MPU51 CAN I USE IT WITH OR WHAT I NEED TO DO THAT?
Last post : Re:Z8F1621AN020SG Reply: lxl
VP896 support this chip. this adapter do not support it.
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VP990 can"t select device Reply  
I have VP990 and i can"t select any device.
After updating the software to 4.7.1, i selected one device, i programmed it, but after that i can"t select any other device, it says error: runtime error 6 overflow.

what is the solution?
Last post : Re:VP990 can Reply: benaknoun

OK thanks

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H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 vp990 Reply  
ello!! I need to program the device Hynix H27U1G8F2B FBGA63.
I have Vp990 but it does not have in your library in FBGA63.
Please can you add Hynix H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 in the Vp990?
Best regards
Last post : Re:H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 vp990 Reply: lxl
sorry,VP990"s software have stop update.
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H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 In Vp996 Reply  
Hello!! I need to program the device Hynix H27U1G8F2B FBGA63.
I have Vp996 but it does not have in your library in FBGA63.
Please can you add Hynix H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 in the Vp996?
Best regards.
Last post : Re:H27U1G8F2B FBGA63 In Vp996 Reply: fabiode
Vc conseguiu ler essa memoria?
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M28W320FST how to erase OTP sector Reply  
[email protected]
M28W320FST how to erase OTP sector ? flash reball..
Last post : Re:M28W320FST how to erase OTP sector Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
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Wellon VP-598 Reply  
hello, I used VP-598.

I can use function M25P32VME*8MLP of VP-598 but, it doesn"t appear function M25P32VMF*16SO of VP-598.

please, could you give me a solution.

[ The message is modified by junghun.choi ]
Last post : Re:Wellon VP-598 Reply: lxl
VP798 supports 37000+ devices.
VP998 supports 106000+ device.
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Read eeprom file not accepted by Tango Reply  
I have VP-290, after updated the size of eeprom reading file is larger 1.01KB (1.040 bytes) hence doesn"t accept by Tango or VVDI. While other programmers" read file is 1.00KB (1.024 bytes) and accept by Tango or VVDI no problem. What do I do wrong? Please help
Last post : Re:Read eeprom file Reply: lxl
save some option information.when save file,modify "Buffer Size(HEX)" minus 10,
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VP-390 and PIC16C57 Reply  
Hello there.
I recieved a batch of new pic16c57 but cant program them.
It always fails and they stay blank
i kown its a OTP chip but this are empty ones.
i know this pic is old and programming method was diferente. i´m i missing something configuring this?
Last post : Re:VP-390 and PIC16C57 Reply: gxj
Please download the latest software and try again.If it also cant proramm,please read your chip,and then click"Config"butten.please look the "Secure"bit,if the "Secure"bit is "Enable",the chip have already be secure,you can"t do any operate of this chip.
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29f400tc Reply  
I have wellon vp390,
I am trying to program 29f400tc but I can not, I get an error Device Address: 00002F6BH Device Data:F9FFH Buffer Data:F936H
I do not know what is happening, I can delete the information but I can not program I have the adapter W_TSOP48-U002, I probe with other chips and I have the same problem, I add that these chips I could program them with another programmer but with the wellon I can not
I need your help,
[ The message is modified by cinderglacius ]
Last post : Re:29f400tc Reply: lxx
Please set "Insertion Test" and "Device ID check". If not any error warning, you can select adjust VCC to 4.5V.
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I.C DS28E01 adaptador BGA64 Reply  
boa noite! alguem poderia me ajudar? estou a procura de uma cópia do software do I.C DS28E01 que fica no adaptador Wellon, BGA64 ou TSOP56 obrigado a todos.
Last post : Re:I.C DS28E01 adaptador BGA64 Reply: tedythebest
esquece,o tsop56 nao usa c.i e o ci do adaptador se conseguir me avisa
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Wellon adapter without chip Reply  
How to read bga64 gl032n90 in Wellon programmer without chip adapter?
Last post : Re:Wellon adapter without chip Reply: tedythebest
no read,is necessary ic multiplex 16 channel
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bom dia! tem como lê memória (BGA64) Reply  
bom dia! tem como lê memória (BGA64). GL128P no programador WELLON VP896. com Adaptador BGA64 sem CHIP?
Last post : Re:bom dia! tem como lê memória (BGA64) Reply: lxx
Please use English
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vp-390 Reply  
can vp-390 read/write at88sc eeprom?
what wellon programmer can do it?
Last post : Re:vp-390 Reply: lxl
you need select GP600/400,VP998
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VP898 + K9GAG08U0E Man: 00 Dev:FF Reply  

With new VP898 and device K9GAG08U0E I got Man.code: 00 Dev.Code: FF, if I press retry I got correct codes: Man.Code:EC Dev.Code:D5 , bud trying to read or program fails.
Tested on Win7 32b and win7 64b

Someone tested VP898 + K9GAG08U0E?
Someone can help?

[ The message is modified by ukamak ]
[ The message is modified by ukamak ]
Last post : Re:VP898 + K9GAG08U0E Man: 00 Dev:FF Reply: ukamak
Tested and really don′t work here. Tested on beeprog2 and was ok. I will wait and try with next software version to see if it"s repaired
[ The message is modified by ukamak ]
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M28w320fst adapter Reply  
What adapter can i use for M28w320fst programming?
What is difference of wl-ebga64-145-1 and wl-ebga64-140-1 and wl-ebga64-139-1 and wl-ebga64-138-1
Last post : Re:M28w320fst adapter Reply: lxl
chip package?
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Wellon VP-496 Reply  
Mike Brown
Hello, I have a Wellon VP-496 and I"d like to buy a WL-TSOP56-E141 adaptor to read/write Spansion S29GL128 NOR memories. Is it possible to do with this programmer?
Last post : Re:Wellon VP-496 Reply: lxl
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Atmel AT24C16B and ISP10 Reply  
I have VP-ISP10 with windows 10.(xp compatibility activated).tried idem with windows 7.
I try to use it by SPI on a Atmel AT24C16B (only, not other letter more)
I must use AT24C16(ISP) profile to have it recognized.
But for each operation,all fail with:
Device Address:00000000H Device Data:00H
And i"m blocked to de-crash a bad bios update on an hp sr5707fr computer
What"s the problem please?
Thanks for the urgent help.
[ The message is modified by GravuTrad ]
[ The message is modified by GravuTrad ]
Last post : Re:Atmel AT24C16B and ISP10 Reply: myx1
vp-isp10 use standard I2C bus to program AT24C16B.
i donn"t know about SPI to I2C bridge. If it use the SPI protocol to write AT24C16,the programmer cannot write correctly.
if you only want to program AT24C16B,maybe you can take the chip down and link the chip pins directly.
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rewrite or erase memory spansion gl032n Reply  

Good morning, please help, I can not rewrite or erase memory spansion gl032n90ffis2, can anyone help me ?, thank you.
Last post : Re:rewrite or erase memory spansion Reply: myx1
it"s S29GL032NxxFFIS2 @64EBGA.
please tell the programmer type? and the software version?
check the adapter, and select "Device ID Check".
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-4-30 0:36:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

am29F400 42pin Reply  
Please help me. I have a Wellon VP-598 programmer. I have to read a 44-pin IC AM29F400B *. In the software database there are only 48-pin AM29F400B *, as I do.
Last post : Re:am29F400 42pin Reply: lxx
Vp598 dn not support that 44 pins chip. According to the chip schematic, you can design a PCB that convert 48 pins to 44 pins.
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vP 190 programmer error Reply  
B G Aminu
Please help me, i buy the above programmer, but whenever i try to progam
microchip PICs it appear the configuration bits are not programmed,also the program memory is not properly programmed. is there any setting i missed
on the interface?
Last post : Re:vP 190 programmer error Reply: myx
which PICs ? the chip type?
[ The message is modified by myx ]
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MX25L12805D Reply  
Please add support for MX25L12805D on VP480 (or newer)
Last post : Re:MX25L12805D Reply: myx
VP-480 has been stopped update.it"s finally verision is 4.2.0.
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ghareeb moataz Reply  
when i program the flash the programmer show this masseg run time error 6
overflow and when iselect 25q32fvda show not support how con solve this
Last post : Re:ghareeb moataz Reply: myx
Screenshot includes the error information and the following vp-490 status information, and then sent to [email protected]
leave mailbox,make sure the E-mail can receive more than 65MB files.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-4-27 6:53:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

socket adapter for kh25l3255exci Reply  
Hi friends ...

i need read bga kh25l3255exci ....

what socket use it .

Last post : Re:socket adapter for kh25l3255exci Reply: myx
can you select MX25L3255EXCI *24BGA ?
if the chip is MACRONIX, try MX25L3255EXCI

All replies (5) [ Posted:2017-3-3 20:40:52 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ghreeb moataz Reply  
i have vp490 i cont program 25q32fvsig and 25q64fvsig how con i program this
Last post : Re:ghreeb moataz Reply: myx
select W25Q32FVDA and W25Q64FVDA to program.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-4-24 6:58:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

adaptador BGA64 Reply  
boa noite a todos! alquem tem o binario do I.C DS28E01 que fica no ADAPTADOR BGA64 da WELLON? manda para meu email por favor. ficarei muito grato! obrigado.
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VP-280 unable to program EEPROM 27128 Reply  
I have VP-280 with latest SQ 4.3.4. FW 12.0.
I can not program any EEPROM 27128. I tested 5 peices but still fail.

This is message:
>>Man.Code:89 Dev. Code:83
>>.Blank Check......
>>Blank Check OK!
>>Device Address:000000H Device Data:FFH Buffer Address:000000H Buffer Data:F3H
>>Program fail!

System-Test: OK
VPP Vol. Cal (21V) = 20.7V
EEPROM chips are user 1st time, cleared wit UV eraser.
What is the problem?
Last post : Re:VP-280 unable to program EEPROM 27128 Reply: lxx
You can try using a UV eraser to erase the chip for more than 40 minutes. And add VP280"s power. If it is useless, give up those chips, they are at least 20 years old.

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Need help how to solve program failed when using ST M27C256B-12F1B8801315L


[ The message is modified by franzlie ]
Last post : Re:ERROR PROGRAM FAILED VP-390 Reply: myx
1.clean chip pins and socket to make the connect well.
2.use AC adapter.
3.eraser time longer than 40 min,at least.
if your chip do not have erase window,it may be one-time chip.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-3-6 9:32:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Ebga64 flash reader ? Reply  

I need to read / write few flash Ebga64.

Wich model of Weilei flash programmer do i need to buy & socket ?

Thanks for your advice !


Last post : Re:Ebga64 flash reader ? Reply: lxl
VP996/998, GP800

All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-2-27 18:20:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 MT29F1G08ABADA Reply  
How to programme the flash. I have tried 3 pieces with a few version of software. Give me an addivise.
Last post : Re:vp-990 MT29F1G08ABADA Reply: lxl
if you copy chip,you need use no bad block chip.
if you want use the chip with bad block,maybe you need order sperial skip bad block algorithm
All replies (3) [ Posted:2017-2-14 22:40:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

EPM7128plc84 Reply  

id there any achnce my 996 can erase altera cpld to enable jtag programming ?
some time ago i did on my seocnd other wellon with atf1508..
Last post : Re:EPM7128plc84 Reply: lxx
You can select ATF1508AS (ISP)

All replies (3) [ Posted:2017-2-13 0:29:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Low input and ground Reply  
Hello I have 3 different vp 390s and they work for a short time and then they stop initializing. When I do a self test it tells me it has a low input and ground. I am running the most current software using windows xp. These are failing way to early.
Last post : Re:VP-390 Low input and ground Reply: lxx
Please send selftest"s picture to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-2-13 18:30:25 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Gms97c52 Reply  
Good morning, I have successfully copied the program with VP490 Hynix gms97c52 PL24 (class t :?) but I can not copy it to Hyundai gms97c52 pl (class t:?). I can you please help? Thanks. Valerio
Last post : Re:Gms97c52 Reply: Valerio
Auto program.....
Blanca check.....
device adress:00000000H device data FFH. Buffer data:02H
Auto program fail
VP 490  Ver:4.6.5 Firmware: 21.0. Grazie
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-2-10 15:03:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

SPANSION S25FL256S help Reply  

Good evening, I can not write SPANSION S25FL256S in vp990, I can read, delete but nothing to record
Last post : Re:SPANSION S25FL256S help Reply: lxx
Your Email is wrong.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2017-2-1 19:47:00 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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