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ROHM 93C86 Reply  
Hello my dear admin ,my programmer is VP-990 PLZ ADD ROHM 93C86 THANKS
Last post : Re:ROHM 93C86 Reply: dippy
ok thanks my dear
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Wellon 798 and windows 10 64 bit Reply  

i try to work with my wellon vp798 and windows 10 64 bit but pc dont see programmer and i have this error : error comunication

this happen also with last driver release

[ The message is modified by Lorenzo ]
[ The message is modified by Lorenzo ]
Last post : Re:Wellon 798 and windows 10 64 bit Reply: lxl
please reinstall USD driver.
it is at c:\weilei\wellon\usbsys64
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please add support for Reply  
Please add support for m29f800ab 44tsop for programmer vp598
Last post : Re:please add support for Reply: lxl
VP598 do not support it.
please use VP798
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wellon vp598 Reply  
Hello I have a problem with my vp598 it does not recognize the 48-pin 29f016 chip does not exist. Can you put it so I can record it?
Last post : Re:wellon vp598 Reply: lxl
sorry,VP598 don"t support this chip.please use VP798
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VP890 x 25Q16dvsig Reply  
Hello, I need to work Winbond 25q16dvsig with VP890, It′s possible ?
Reply the message [ Posted:2018-05-25 12:53:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp998 new Reply  
hi all, i bought today new vp998 to ecuvonix reseller and installed software from web and when program start apears wellon chpip logo but closes app without error and not appears nothing.

how can i do? drivers are installed
Last post : Re:vp998 new Reply: lxl
please install windows system again at this PC.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2018-05-11 19:41:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

programmer software need update Reply  
hi, i have vp798. programmer has been initiated . after selecting ic when we go to to read that there is an communication error. the message displayed:
Programmer soft need update now !!!

Communication error! 5 6

plz help me and tell me how to update the programmer software.
Last post : Re:programmer software need update Reply: lxl
1.please download and install wellon software Ver. 4.7.2
2.connect the programmer with your PC.
3. run "help"-->"system update"

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wellon vp 598 Reply  
hellow i buy a wellon vp598 and no works said demo mode programming i need
Last post : Re:wellon vp 598 Reply: lxx
Please install usb driver. If your system can"t automatic installation, you can manual installation. Connect the programmer to the computer and find the "unknown device" in the "Device Manager".Select "Unknown Device" and click "Right Click" and upgrade driver. Specify the path”C:\weilei\wellon\usbsys“or "C:\weilei\wellon\usbsys64".
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-04-20 04:24:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp299 Devices 29f010B Reply  
Hello. I try programmer device AM29f010B 32plc with the Vp299 when i try erase show `This chip is protected. This programmer can´t provide its unprotect method >> Erase Fail.
I try un_protect only but show the same message.
Please can you help me?
Last post : Re:Vp299 Devices 29f010B Reply: lxl
because hardware,VP299 only support Am29F010B that is not protect.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-04-17 03:56:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Which programmer to buy? Reply  
Hello. I"m curious as to if there is a compatibility list for each programmer or if there is an easy way to tell. Right now I own a Wellon VP-299 and it doesn"t seem to support any of the chips I want to read from/write to. Would it be possible to recommend a programmer that supports the following chips?

ST M27C1024 40-pin EEPROM
MX 29LV160TMC-90 SOP-44
NEC 78081G503 QFP-44 (using 40-pin adapter)

Huge thanks to anyone who can help!
Last post : Re:Which programmer to buy? Reply: Aptimo
For the 78081, I"m more interested in reading the chip. So having a programmer that supports that specific chip is necessary. The rest of the chips are for writing though.


All replies (2) [ Posted:2018-04-07 05:15:01 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp896  tPW Reply  
Hi, would you provide a diagram or an explanation to clarify what tPW is ?
setting>modify algorithm>tPW

Thanks in advance
Last post : Re:vp896  tPW Reply: lxl
Programming pulse width

All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-04-07 18:07:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

inquire model Reply  
hi here im loooking of your brand wellon prog, can suport of my ic and more mcu or mpu, can you give me advice and give me model and hope fully best
price ic TMP86FH46BNG and Sh79F166AF and more MPU MCU etc.
Last post : Re:inquire model Reply: LXL
VP896 have stop produce.
VP998 will support TMP86FH46.
All replies (9) [ Posted:2018-04-04 08:27:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

GP400 Stand Alone Reply  
Hi, I"m having trouble with my GP400. I want to read a chip on stand alone mode (without using my computer) and copy it on another chip.

How can I do that?

I am using ATMEL AT28C256 and Catalyst CAT28C256 chip.

Last post : Re:GP400 Stand Alone Reply: lxl
download new software,run "help"-->"system update"

All replies (3) [ Posted:2018-03-15 22:03:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

H27U1G8F2B Reply  

I have to read 10 or more times to H27U1G8F2B to be able to program after changed, using a vp990, when I use tl86plus goes in the first one, and you say it"s a bad block, why do not you tell the truth, that this programmer does not do what is spoken, several parts does not read and is always the same apology, block ruin, stop with this conversation and fix the error of that vp990 programmer
Last post : Re:H27U1G8F2B Reply: lxl
sorry,I do not understand what you are means.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-04-04 07:25:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

MX25L12835FZ2I Reply  
MX25L12835FZ2I not reader vp990, help.
Last post : Re:MX25L12835FZ2I Reply: lxl
VP990 have stop update
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-04-03 10:27:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-590 "Programmer Trouble!" Reply  
Hi friends.
Initially, thank you for the help I received to solve the connection to Windows 10 problem. This time, I need you to help me to solve the VP-590 "Programmer Trouble! ID:01481DFFFFFFFFFF". What does this alert mean? Conection ok, serial number shown, but no function runs (no read, no write, no verify, no blank check, check summ: 000, no auto select ID, no program, no copy, etc). Any attempt made returns the alert above. Need you help me, please.
Last post : Re:VP-590 Reply: LXL
the programmer need repair.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2018-03-16 22:46:16 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP299 GAL22V10 Reply  
I am having an issue with the VP299 where it comes up with an error saying
that there is an overcurrent with the chip. The chip is a Lattice GAL22V10 and it is known good chip as it will program with a VP290. 

Any suggestions?
Last post : Re:VP299 GAL22V10 Reply: LXL
Change Resistance R17 from 220 ohm to 270 ohm Change Resistance R28 from 39 ohm to 51 ohm

All replies (5) [ Posted:2017-10-22 23:55:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Does VP-590 works on Windows 10? Reply  
Hi friends. Ask the support team for help me to make the Wellon VP-590 works on Windows 10. Searched for its Windows 10 driver but not found in www.weilei.com. So, would like you help me to find the driver or indicate alternative way to get it works on Windows 10.
Last post : Re:Does VP-590 works on Windows 10? Reply: EDMILSON
Hi moderators, close this topic please,due to the Windows 10 connection problem is solved. About "Programmer Trouble! ID:01481DFFFFFFFFFF", I opened a new topic.
All replies (6) [ Posted:2018-03-09 07:59:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp280 Reply  
Tom b
I have a problem with this on my laptop using windows 10 64bit
Can you tell me programmer I need for this.
Last post : Re:Vp280 Reply: lxl
VP-280 do not supports win 10.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-03-10 01:31:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP 280 repair Reply  
My VP280 will not initialize,
In test mode, it shows all vcc/vpp/gnd high.
It reports device test fail, adress 40 4.

when I remove the top pcb, it will initialize ok, so I think the problem is on the top pcb.

Do you know wich component to check?
I"m not interested in sending it in for repair, as it is almost ten years old.
Last post : Re:VP 280 repair Reply: lxl
sorry,VP280 have stop produce many years.
its repair fare maybe is higher then you buy one new programmer

All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-03-05 01:42:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Problem VP-290 and windows 10 Reply  
Hi I have VP-290 programmer, and I tried the software 4.7.1 and 4.6.6 but the software is installing correct but not run, I install manually the USB driver for 64bits by C:\weilei\WELLON\usbsys64.

Can you help me?
Last post : Re:Problem VP-290 and windows 10 Reply: lxl
please use other PC
or reinstall your windows system

All replies (3) [ Posted:2018-02-08 03:41:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

WELLON AUTO300 PROGRAMMER  25lc256 programming missing from the list
will program him somehow?
Reply the message [ Posted:2018-02-20 20:39:36 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Need USB Driver VP-390 Reply  
Hi There
I have VP-390 But have lost my install CD
Can you please send me usb driver please
thanks :D
Last post : Re:Need USB Driver VP-390 Reply: lxl
All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-02-06 18:01:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Xicor X2404 Reply  
If I read a Xicor eeprom I2C X2404, it reads twice the same page.

So I get 2 times the same info of the first page instead of page 1 and then page 2.

The adressing of the second page is not correct.

The programmer, or the software contains a mistake.
What can I do?
Last post : Re:Xicor X2404 Reply: myx
which programmer type do you use?
please download new software later.
The X2404 read the second page is error and we have corrected it.
but the program is ok.
if the latest software do not support your programmer,you can try to select the PHILIPS-PCF8594 to flash the X2404.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2018-02-01 22:59:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

AMS AS3715 PMIC support Reply  
Can you please add AMS AS3715 PMIC support? It uses i2c programming method.
Datasheet is here: http://www.pmt-fl.com/downloads/power-management-ics/AS3715_Datasheet_EN_v1.pdf
Thank you so much.
Last post : Re:AMS AS3715 PMIC support Reply: lxl
not information about boot rom
All replies (3) [ Posted:2018-01-20 18:58:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

I am trying to program an Atmel ATF22V10C LCC package using the VP598 and WL-PL28-U001 adapter but the programming fails. Can this LCC device be programmed with this adapter? Please note LCC device and not PLCC.

Last post : Re:ATMEL ATF22V10C LCC Reply: lxl
please use AC adapter

All replies (3) [ Posted:2017-11-13 23:02:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP898 + K9GAG08U0E Man: 00 Dev:FF Reply  

With new VP898 and device K9GAG08U0E I got Man.code: 00 Dev.Code: FF, if I press retry I got correct codes: Man.Code:EC Dev.Code:D5 , bud trying to read or program fails.
Tested on Win7 32b and win7 64b

Someone tested VP898 + K9GAG08U0E?
Someone can help?

[ The message is modified by ukamak ]
[ The message is modified by ukamak ]
Last post : Re:VP898 + K9GAG08U0E Man: 00 Dev:FF Reply: lxl
All replies (8) [ Posted:2017-05-04 13:53:56 ] Edit Administer TOP"

R5F100GEAFB Reply  
R5F100GEAFB is only write? How read chip?
Last post : Re:R5F100GEAFB Reply: lxl
sorry,now,our programmer don"t support it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-12-21 02:15:05 ] Edit Administer TOP"

read error on windos 10 Reply  
Hi, I need help, I have to read 3 or 4 times the same piece to compare the checksum to make sure I read correctly in windows 10, how to solve this problem, in xp and windows 7 this does not happen.
Last post : Re:read error on windos 10 Reply: LXL
H27U1G8F2B is nand chip,if this chip have bad block, every read chip is not same.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2017-12-13 23:31:44 ] Edit Administer TOP"

version 4.6.6 the checksum does not loa Reply  

hello, I need help, when I load a file saved in the vp990 program, version 4.6.6 the checksum does not load, how do I solve this, thank you.
Last post : Re:version 4.6.6 the checksum Reply: lxl
It does not affect the use of the programmer
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-12-13 23:27:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP890 VP998 Adapters Reply  
Tom Drew
I was thinking of purchasing a VP998 to replace my VP890 but
now I am reading quite a few complaints regarding the adapters not being compatible.
will I still be able to use my WL-PL68-1024 & WL-PL68-1504 adapters
with the VP998?

Last post : Re:VP890 VP998 Adapters Reply: lxl

All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-12-11 07:29:58 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Spansion S29 GL128N90FFAR2 BGA64 Reply  
VP 990 support these 2 BGA chips?

Spansion S29 GL512P11FFI02 BGA64
Spansion S29 GL128N90FFAR2 BGA64

If yes, which adapter?

Last post : Re:Spansion S29 GL128N90FFAR2 BGA64 Reply: lxl
if there is one IC on your adapter,the adapter can use by VP998 and VP990
if not, it can only use by VP990

All replies (3) [ Posted:2017-12-02 04:51:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp990 does not delete nand h27u1g8btr Reply  

vp990 does not delete nand h27u1g8btr, how can I solve it, I have a friend who has another programmer and in his works perfect, deletes and saves it, thanks if anyone can help me
Last post : Re:vp990 does not delete nand h27u1g8btr Reply: lxl
this chip have bad block
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-12-05 13:15:28 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ATMEGA64A via spi Reply  

I Am trying program the atmega64A via spi and didnt work. Can you help me, my version is 4.7.2.
Last post : Re:ATMEGA64A via spi Reply: benair
It solved, I was using the miso and mosi in my microncontroller, after that I change to PDI and PDO and works fine.


All replies (4) [ Posted:2017-12-12 22:35:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ISSI tsop32 Reply  

VP990 support this chip?

Last post : Re:ISSI tsop32 Reply: lxl
sorry, do not sopport

All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-12-02 04:53:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

PAL16R4BCN and PAL16L8-15 Reply  
André Crowley
Hello friends, how are you?
I have the VP-798 programmer.
It does not have the PAL16R4BCN and PAL16L8-15 components in the list or other programmers, but I was able to read them by putting it in the PALCE16L4 and PALCE16V8H-15 programmer.
Do some tests and put these components in the list if possible, that"s good because better for you and for people and for those who are looking for the good and complete programmer like yours.
Last post : Re:PAL16R4BCN and PAL16L8-15 Reply: lxl
maybe you readout incorrect data.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-11-29 21:09:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP990 and VP998 Adapters Reply  

I have VP990, and i use these 2 adapters:

WL-EBGA64-E145 for my BGA chips
WL-TSOP56-F640 for my TSOP chips.

I am buying the new VP998.

Can i use these 2 adapters on the VP998 ?
Last post : Re:VP990 and VP998 Adapters Reply: lxl
if the adapter has IC on it, then it will work on VP998

All replies (10) [ Posted:2017-10-30 04:05:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Reply  
I download software Wellon Universal software.
when I select IC it showa warning! system is in demo mode...
pls suggest..
Last post : Re:VP-390 Reply: lxl
you do not connect the programmer with PC
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-11-22 20:07:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ghareeb moataz Reply  
when i program the flash the programmer show this masseg run time error 6
overflow and when iselect 25q32fvda show not support how con solve this
Last post : Re:ghareeb moataz Reply: lxl
maybe the programmer need repair
All replies (5) [ Posted:2017-04-27 06:53:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP390 how to edit parameter Reply  
I have a VP 390 and would like to know if I can edit the current to a certain ic. Does it always supply the max (I am using the wallwart)
Last post : Re:VP390 how to edit parameter Reply: lxl
All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-11-04 12:02:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 Reply  
VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 not working

Do not find Adapter! Set Adapter: Run <Read> without chip on the adapter!

VP-480 on it with two adapters works perfectly.
I have two WL-TSOP56-640 adapters.
Last post : Re:VP-988 and Intel TE28F640J3D tsop56 Reply: lxl
google is not supported in China.

All replies (7) [ Posted:2017-09-16 19:05:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Programmer comparison Reply  

Which is better, VP998 or GP600 ?
Which one is newer ? and which one will receive updates longer.
I ask because i have VP990 which i bought for 500 Euros and now no more
support and no more software updates !!
Last post : Re:Programmer comparison Reply: lxl

All replies (5) [ Posted:2017-08-30 04:38:43 ] Edit Administer TOP"

MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply  

Is the VP990 compatible with this BGA ?
And which adapter is needed ?

Last post : Re:MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply: lxl

All replies (5) [ Posted:2016-07-15 17:48:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"


I have VP990.
is it capable of reading and writing TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP ?
also, which adapter do i need ?
Last post : Re:TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP Reply: lxl

All replies (6) [ Posted:2016-07-14 19:53:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply  
Is there any chance someone can tell me how to program this chip ?
This chip is the cause of my radio not working, but when i fit a new one nothing happens, but i fit one from another radio it works.
So i think i must program it with the data from a working chip?
Can someone help please?
Any advice is much appreciated

I attach a photo below

Last post : Re:NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply: benaknoun
How can i get its file if i can"t read it ??

All replies (25) [ Posted:2014-11-16 06:11:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

EMP7064 with VP490 Reply  
It is possible to use this eprom with my Programmer VP490?
Last post : Re:EMP7064 with VP490 Reply: eduardogonzz
Are you sure because it supports the EMP7032 it seams that I can read it but I can not write it
All replies (2) [ Posted:2017-10-20 04:52:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp590 n&#227;o grava soic 160D0WQ Reply  
boa noite, n&#227;o estou conseguindo gravar nessa soic as duas primeiras linhas ela e protegida como fa&#231;o para resetar?
Reply the message [ Posted:2017-10-19 06:45:26 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon vp-598 Reply  

3 months ago, I purchased VP-598 but It doesn’t support 16 pin package [M25P32VMF*16SO].

I used VP-596 that support 16pin package but I heard that it is no more produced.

Do you have a something that can use 16pin package [M25P32VMF*16SO] ??

or Are you still producing VP-596??

Thank you.
Last post : Re:wellon vp-598 Reply: lxl
Sorry,VP598 do not supports M25P32VMF*16SO
The alternative to VP596 is VP798

All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-10-17 09:05:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Does version 4.7.1 supports VP490 Reply  

Does the software V4.7.1 supports the VP490 programmer ?

With V4.7.0 the software detects the Programmer"s Type and the Serial Number.

With V4.7.1 the software initializes the programmer but it doesn"t detect the Programmer"s Type and Serial Number. Also with this version some devices (like the AM29F040) are not supported. When using the previous version (4.7.0) these devices are supported and the programmer works perfectly.

Last post : Re:Does version 4.7.1 supports VP490 Reply: lxl


All replies (4) [ Posted:2016-12-15 06:13:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

EMP-390 Intel 87C51FA Reply  

I have a EMP-390 whit software wellon 4.7.2 FW 22

when i program Intel 87C51FA is ok, but when compare to buffer fail...I tested 10 peices but still fail.

this is message:
<<Data compare result>>
>>Chip Addr. Data-----Buffer Addr. Data 
>> 00000000H FFH    00000000H 02H
>> 00000001H FFH    00000001H 20H
>> 00000002H FFH    00000002H 00H
>> 00000003H FFH    00000003H 02H
and continue all the lines....
Last post : Re:EMP-390 Intel 87C51FA Reply: lxl
if "Edit Auto" select "Secure",after program, the chip is secured,compare will fail!

All replies (1) [ Posted:2017-10-03 22:45:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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