GP800 -- (list)
GP600 -- (list)
GP400 -- (list)
ISP200 -- (list)
ISP208 -- (list)
SP108 -- (list)
AUTO300 -- (list)
VP998 -- (list)
VP798 -- (list)
VP598 -- (list)
VP299 -- (list)
VP398S -- (list)
Legacy products
AP-100 -- (list)
GP201 -- (list)
GP204 -- (list)
GP204S -- (list)
GP-20 -- (list)
GP-10 -- (list)
VP-996 -- (list)
VP-990 -- (list)
VP-790 -- (list)
VP-596 -- (list)
VP-590 -- (list)
VP-390 -- (list)
VP-290 -- (list)
VP-298S -- (list)
VP-980 -- (list)
VP-880 -- (list)
VP-680 -- (list)
VP-480 -- (list)
VP-PIC1 -- (list)
VP-ISP1 -- (list)
VP-ISP2 -- (list)
VP-ISP10 -- (list)
VP-ISP20 -- (list)
VP-380 -- (list)
VP-280 -- (list)
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About Company

           The Tianjin Weilei Technology Ltd. has been in the programmer business since 1998.We are excellent

when it comes to programmer Manufacturing and tools development .

         Weilei manufactures a family of low-cost universal highly integrated circuit programmers,new product

    including GP800,GP600,GP400,SP108,VP-996,
VP-596, VP-390,VP-290,AUTO300 ETC. ISP programmer include

GP800,GP600,GP400,SP108,ISO200,ISP208 support PC hosted mode and stand-alone mode.

These have high  integration, high stablity, high speed and further more very interesting shapes.

          For guarantee the Highest quality to our customers,Weilei has a very complete quality assurance system.

    In addition,all our products undergo a through 24 hours burn in test before leaving the factory to ensure

    product stability and reliability.

        TianJin Weilei Electricity Technology Ltd. received funding from the National Innovation Fund,and used it to

    develop these new programmers.

       ICs supported are EEPROM, Flash Memory, Serial Memory, PLD, CPLD, and MCU devices. Weilei releases new

    device updates regularly and makes them available on the web site for free downloading.
Tel:86-22-83945122 fax:86-22-83945121
B4-1-402 Hi-tech innovation baseŁ¬No.16,the 5th Haitai Development Street
Huayuan Industrial Park, Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Tianjin ,P.R.C,300384
Tianjin Weilei Technology Ltd. P.R.China