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WELLON VP-390 Reply  
kindly ADVISE. We have installed the CD software of the VP-390 Programmer.
It gives a Programmer initiate failure.
Last post : Re:WELLON VP-390 Reply: lxl
maybe you need reinstall USB driver
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VP-28/280 editor no addree or data Reply  
Al Watt
Hi All, I have reinstalled Wellon Universal software but the buffer editor does not display address info or data. Do I need to load a windows font?
Last post : Re:VP-28/280 editor no addree or data Reply: lxl
please first select chip type.
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Not possible download software Reply  

This website www.weilei.com is the slowest site i have ever seen, i am trying to download the software for my VP990 and it is not possible, it is too slow, and the download says it will take 5 hours and then it stops.
Get your stuff together Weilei, it has always been like this and it is getting worst.
Last post : Re:Not possible download software Reply: lxl
where are you from? our test is OK!
please use "download1" or "download2"

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VP-490 Reply  
Is there a possibility to add to the software WELLON VP-490 two Flach
1. 29GL128 housing WLTSOP56-A641N
2. 29XL12F housing WL-TSSOP90-XL12
Very you please help.
Thank you in advance .
Greetings from Poland .
Mirek .
Last post : Re:VP-490 Reply: lxl
sorry, please use VP996.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-10-11 22:21:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 Reply  
Hello everyone
I have a problem with my vp490.
after an update, it no longer works.
I installed version 4.70 and it does not detect the version
update the system does not work
and reset Wellon said :read file err

>>Initiating, Please wait...
>>Programmer initiate failure!
>>The programmer type error!please notice Manufacture!
>>The system is in demo mode!
please help me
Last post : Re:VP-490 Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-9-26 2:59:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Add component VP- 798 Reply  
André Crowley
Good afternoon , all right?

I wonder if there is no way to add a component in the VP- 798 list.

Or rather, other developers will not have this component in the lists , the research I"ve done on the site .

The component is PALC16L8-25PC and PALC16L8-35PC Cypress .

Last post : Re:Add component VP- 798 Reply: lxl
sorry, wellon programmer do not supports it.

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communication error Reply  
Hello. I have a Vp590 programmer.
I install last version 4.6.4 on XP computer and update firmware. Now when i go to read a eeprom 93C56
wellon give me "communication error",
I try with others eeprom and came same error.
I remove all wellon program and reinstall all but i have same result: programmer not work.

How i can solve this error?
Last post : Re:communication error Reply: lxl
please run c:\weilei\wellon\wellonreset.exe again to OK

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VP598 and Windows 10 64bit Reply  
I solved the problem I had with the windows 10. I then edited this post as it is no longer necessary.
[ The message is modified by redalbatros ]
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Vp-890 support Reply  
There is still support for my programmer ?
Reply the message [ Posted:2016-9-20 0:04:54 ] Edit Administer TOP"

STM32F030F4P6 Reply  
[email protected]
please add a chip STM32F030F4P6 TSSOP20

my programmer VP890
THX ..

[ The message is modified by [email protected] ]
[ The message is modified by [email protected] ]
Last post : Re:STM32F030F4P6 Reply: lxl
the chip is Secured
All replies (6) [ Posted:2016-9-7 22:09:22 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Atmel 29c256 Programming Failure Reply  

I have a VP-490 programmer and I"m trying to program some Atmel 29c256 chips.

Every time I try to program something other than 0xFFs it gives me the following message:

  Device Address:0000003FH Device Data:FFH Buffer Data:5BH
  Auto Program fail!

Please help!


Last post : Re:Atmel 29c256 Programming Failure Reply: lxl
our test is OK!
maybe your VP490 have been damaged

All replies (5) [ Posted:2016-9-8 7:25:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

M28W320 Fxxx bga 64 Reply  
[email protected]
please help how to program the cells of the integrated circuit does not have access to the stand layout is in the receiver have access to the motherboard to the pinout from A0 to A20 the cell needs to program the A19 and A20 in this system that I have minimal lines connected to the programmer..
Reply the message [ Posted:2016-9-9 15:37:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon staff support with team viewer Reply  
thanks " Li Xinlei " for your support to solve our problem when installing new wellon vp 896
and really you are the best


Reply the message [ Posted:2016-9-9 14:46:38 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 STM32F buffer adress Reply  
I would ask you how flashing MCU stm32f103cbt6 (ISP_SW) . I have hex file which should start at adress 0x08000000 to 0x0801EB3C but wellon buffer start at 0x00 and cannot be modified.Is there any way how to change wellon programming memory map ?Write,Read,Erase,blankcheck works well.Thanks
Last post : Re:VP-890 STM32F buffer adress Reply: lxl
change "File"-->"Load File"-->"From File Address(HEX)" to 8000000
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-9-7 18:30:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Fails When Programming M27C160 Reply  
I have a VP-390 running on Windows 10 on software 4.7.0 and firmware version 17.0.

I have been trying to program ST M27C160 chips, and it always fails after writing a few bytes. I have made sure to Select the chip model in the software before trying to program the chip. I have tried 15 different chips and all of them have failed. They all pass the Blank Check and I can successfully Read the chips. Other types of chips are programming just fine - only the M27C160 chips fail.

Any advice?
Last post : Re:VP-390 Fails When Programming M27C160 Reply: lxl
M27C160 usually is elder chip. many of them is bad.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2016-8-30 15:43:21 ] Edit Administer TOP"

CMOS/TTL testing Reply  
Using the VP390 to test logic ICs, the test for CMOS 4503, 4508 do not work, even with brand new devices.
the problem is with the tri-state output. The VP390 does not appear able to consistently test for a
high-impedance output.

Can anyone confirm that this is not just my VP390, but a general design or pattern problem, and is there
any way of testing for Hi-Z outputs or two-supply (level-shifter) devices?
Last post : Re:CMOS/TTL testing Reply: lxl
please download new software.

All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-8-25 5:52:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-896 Adapter Reply  
Hello!! I"ve an VP-896 programmer and I need to program some TE28F160S5 ICs. The software says that I need an adapter (WL-TSOP56-F640) but when I try to program or read appears this message:

>>Do not find Adapter! Set Adapter: Run <Read> without chip on the adapter!

I try with different devices of TE28F160S5 but allways appears this message. Anyone knows this problem?

Thanks for all!!
Last post : Re:VP-896 Adapter Reply: lxl
Wellon programmer need check this adapter, when first time, please Run <Read> without chip on the adapter!

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-8-25 0:13:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-996 Reply  
I have a vp-996 programmer i try to erase a spansion s29cd016j0mqfm11
the erase fonction write erase ok but when i read the ic and an error is appear the error is (write fig file err!)
Last post : Re:vp-996 Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-8-24 22:00:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-996 Reply  
Bom dia!

Tehno um gravador VP-996 e n&#227;o estou conseguindo gravar uma NAND FLASH da
Samsung o modelo da nand é K9GAG08U0ESCB0. Alguém pode me ajudar? Qual modo correto de gravar ela?

Reply the message [ Posted:2016-8-19 21:37:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

What is the best EEPROM Programmer Reply  

please can help me What is the best EEPROM Programmer for Computer/Laptop Repair (bios) best and cheap

Last post : Re:What is the best EEPROM Programmer Reply: lxl
the best EEPROM Programmer GP800
the cheap EEPROM Programmer VP290

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-8-17 19:36:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Reply  
Hi, I have a VP-390
but software show
>>Programmer initiate success!

>>Programmer trouble!ID: 3976FF53010000B5
Please advise
Last post : Re:VP-390 Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-8-16 11:04:04 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP280 give false "wrong" testing SN74191 Reply  
I have a VP280.
When I test SN74191 comes a false "wrong piece".
Testing the same device, but selecting 74190, gives "OK"!!!

How I can fix it?
Or is a new Software for download?
I am using the first (original) Software.

Last post : Re:VP280 give false Reply: lxx
74190 and 74191 are synchronous,reversible up/down counters.74190 is BCD counter. 74191 is 4 bit binary counter.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-8-9 6:53:47 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Communication err 06 Reply  
I have a VP-498 with firmware ver 22.0 and software version 4.70. I am trying to program an ST 27C4002 and a MX27c4096 and keep getting communication error 06 and cannot program the chips. I have tried 8 different chips with the same result. I have no problems with 27c512 and Everstar chips so I know my programmer is working.
Last post : Re:Communication err 06 Reply: wakeen1966
I uninstalled the software and installed version 4.66 and then it worked.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-8-2 21:46:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Programmer trouble!ID: 01BF825C1100007D Reply  
Hi, I have a VP-890
but software show

>>Programmer initiate success!

>>Programmer trouble!ID: 01BF825C1100007D

Please advise
Last post : Re:Programmer trouble! Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-29 14:43:33 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-280 Reply  
Is there any plans to update the Software for the VP280 to work in Windows 10 64 bit?
Last post : Re:VP-280 Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-280 have stop produce six years! VP-880 have stop produce seven years! maybe you need request Microsoft the new and the old versions of software compatible
All replies (3) [ Posted:2016-7-11 11:59:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-880 - Obsolete - Supported List Reply  
Hi, I have a VP-880 - Obsolete :o( - and it seem the Supported Device List has disappeared from your web site. Could this be corrected, please.

Could you also advise which is the last version of your software that supports the VP-880.

Thanks - DaveH
Last post : Re:VP-880 - Obsolete - Supported List Reply: lxl
Ver. 4.2.0 or 4.3.4

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-26 17:42:25 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Slow software download Reply  
Always when i want to download new software it takes a very long time, i have 300mb/s fibre optic connection, but for Wellon software of 56,9mb it takes one hour or more, can"t you upload the software to a good server?
Last post : Re:Slow software download Reply: lxl
please use www.weilei.com or www.weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-22 6:34:38 ] Edit Administer TOP"


I have VP990.
is it capable of reading and writing TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP ?
also, which adapter do i need ?
Last post : Re:TSOP48 MT29F2G08ABAEAWP Reply: lxl
VP990 do not support it.

All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-7-14 19:53:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply  

Is the VP990 compatible with this BGA ?
And which adapter is needed ?

Last post : Re:MT29F4G16ABADAH4-IT:D Reply: lxl
VP990 do not support it.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-15 17:48:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

DS1687-5 Reply  
hello,, how can i set date and time in ds1687-5 , any idea for this
Last post : Re:DS1687-5 Reply: lxl
sorry, cannot
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-15 2:28:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-290 Reply  
I"m programming P89v51rd2 microcontroller with vp-290 programmer,
but i"m repeatedly getting device address failed while programming,
what may be the problem??
kindly advice on the below problem:

>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:FFH Buffer Address:00000000H Buffer Data:02H
>>Program fail!
>> 19.64Sec

Please give suggestion on this.
Thank you.
Last post : Re:VP-290 Reply: lxl
please use another chip to try.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-13 22:05:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

AE801 Support ? Reply  
Do you support or can add support for this chip

 its a 8 pin SMT marked AE801


[ The message is modified by markoco ]
Last post : Re:AE801 Support ? Reply: lxl
sorry, cannot open this link, please send its datasheet to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-7-10 7:46:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Impossible to program RC28F128J3D-75 Reply  
I am not able to program new chips RC28F128J3D (EBGA64). I still obtain error message Device Address:xxxx, Device Data: xxxxx Buffer Address: XXXXX
Auto Program fail.
Other similar chips like J3C, J3A work ok.
My SW VER: 4.6.5 (12)
Programmer Wellon VP-996
Any idea where could be a problem??
Tried 3-4 new chips and still the same error.
Last post : Re:Impossible to program RC28F128J3D-75 Reply: lxl
our test,fast mode program + verify VP996:230Sec. VP998: 130Sec.
[ The message is modified by lxl ]
All replies (8) [ Posted:2016-4-14 0:22:57 ] Edit Administer TOP"

BGA Flash 28F128J3D75 adapter Reply  
I have Wellon VP990 programmer, which adapter do i need for BGA Flash 28F128J3D75 ?
And where can i buy it please?
Last post : Re:BGA Flash 28F128J3D75 adapter Reply: airbone
Problem solved with new software and slow program/read mode. Chip tested in device and works ok.
All replies (33) [ Posted:2014-11-2 2:33:28 ] Edit Administer TOP"

I install wellon VP-390 but Reply  
Dear Sir,
     I try to install VP-390 but software show

>>Programmer initiate failure!
>>The system is in demo mode!

Please advise
Woody J.
Last post : Re:I install wellon VP-390 but Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]

All replies (3) [ Posted:2015-10-30 16:01:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

isp support Reply  
doc copley
please add isp support for a pic17c756a 68 pin package chip
i am using a vp996 programmer
Last post : Re:isp support Reply: doc copley
All replies (3) [ Posted:2016-5-9 11:14:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp 480  p trouble ID:454F1E8B3DC99CAC Reply  
Good evening , I do not understand how, but the trusty Wellon vp 480 me from this mistake .... there is a solution ? thank you
I have no reset exe .
Last post : Re:vp 480  p trouble ID:454F1E8B3DC99CAC Reply: tec.obd
sorry, but being a working tool I have a certain interest in resolving, you have other email numbers explaining evolution of the problem
thank you
All replies (5) [ Posted:2016-5-26 2:07:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Support ITE-Lenovo IT8586,IT8580,IT8585 Reply  
Hello, thanks for support KBC ENE 9010,9012 and 9016.
You can add support for KBC Lenevo (ITE) chip IT8586 ?
Very similar with IT8580,IT8585.
Best regards Ryan.
Last post : Re:Support IT8586,IT8580,IT8585 Reply: lxl
sorry, we have not its programming algorithm
All replies (5) [ Posted:2016-5-16 22:40:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

MX26L12811MC Fails everytime! HELP Reply  
I am trying to burn MX26L12811MC Chip and Auto program fails everytime. I am using generic sop44 adapter which has worked fine with other chips.

I have the latest software and the chip is in the database. I have tried the slow/read setting as well. It fails everytime in the first 5 seconds. What am I doing erong?
Last post : Re:MX26L12811MC Fails everytime! HELP Reply: binkers87
I have VP-896

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-5-22 14:28:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Problem programming Mc705C8ACPE Reply  
I have a VP-896, and only 5 out of 12 chips programmed successfully.
Last post : Re:Problem programming Mc705C8ACPE Reply: gxj
those chips have only one time program,please check all of your chips is new ?
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-5-12 10:22:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

K9GAG08U0E Reply  
GREETINGS, I"m with the VP-896, the IC nand K9GAG08U0E USED IN A TV SAMSUNG UN32D5500 smart, reading 1,03GB creates a file. When the IC is approximately 2GB NAND. But the message of VP-896 ES PROGRAMMING OK!. (I use a new IC) BUT TV does not work, not boot, I assume you do not have a boot check assert.
They say if you have bad blocks and will not work, but I have 2 IC read by another programmer who have several bad blocks and work well on TV. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT .
Last post : Re:K9GAG08U0E Reply: ecking767
I brought the VP896 just to copy and program NAND memory from smart LCD TVs. after 3 month of attempting to make the VP896 copy or read NAND was a complete waste of time and money. I purchase NAND programmer, which works great !!
All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-5-8 15:58:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

communication failed Reply  
programmer trouble id 39BC803B1500002F
Last post : Re:communication failed Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-5-4 11:18:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Program OK - Read FAIL Reply  
I have a problem with my VP990, was working OK, i haven"t used for a few months, i am programming a TE28F640J3C120 TSOP56, same chip as always, always work OK, but now the problem is this: it writes on the chip OK, but then fails to read it, it says "comunication error! 06"
The blue light LINK starts to flash but then it stays permanently ON and the programmer stops reading, i have updated to 4.7.0 and still the same.
What is the problem here?
Last post : Re:Program OK - Read FAIL Reply: lxl
connect the programmer
run wellon software
run "help"-->"system update"
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-4-30 19:28:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp996 Reply  
few manufacturers support the programmer vp 996?
Reply the message [ Posted:2016-4-29 10:10:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ISP for pic17c756a Reply  
doc copley
can you please add isp support for this part pic17c756a
Last post : Re:ISP for pic17c756a Reply: doc copley
All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-4-26 0:06:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

programming adaptor Reply  
doc copley
would you please tell me where to get the connection information for a programming adaptor WL-PL68-E096 ?

I would like to get the drawing / connection listing for this adaptor. i have not been able to find it on your site.
Last post : Re:programming adaptor Reply: doc copley
ok... so wellon will not give it to me - is there a chance some other customer may have this?

All replies (2) [ Posted:2016-4-23 0:06:05 ] Edit Administer TOP"

error 43 Reply  
I vp499 windows does not recognize the device drive, what to do? Windows generates the error 43.
Last post : Re:error 43 Reply: lxl
please download ver4.7.0 software.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-4-23 3:31:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

trying to program (st) M27c160 Reply  
Trying to program with VP-390. I want to make a copy of the original chip as a backup. Backup/Read Chip is M27c160-120F1. Program chip is to be M27c160-120F1. Backup/Read Chip M27c160-120F1 saves as 2MB.
  Program Chip/Device loads M27c160-120F1, Size 100000H * 16 (1M * 16)
Vcc 5v Vpp 12.5v

What am I doing wrong. file size is 2mb and chip is 1mb.
keep getting auto program fail!

Using program ver 4.7

[ The message is modified by Bobm ]
[ The message is modified by Bobm ]
Last post : Re:trying to program (st) M27c160 Reply: lxl
(1M * 16) is same as (2M * 8)
All replies (4) [ Posted:2016-4-20 1:41:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

I have this code in a vp- 390 please help ID : 3900DF2401000049
Last post : Re:VP-390 PROGRAMMER TROUBLE ID: Reply: efrain
i send yhe photo to [email protected]
All replies (7) [ Posted:2016-2-5 10:25:16 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Questions about the wellon software Reply  
Ok, so I installed the version 4.7 of the wellon software and I"ve noticed that when I try to program PICs like PIC16F84A I get a warning about the device"s code, this only happend when I check the "Device Id Check" on the settings options.

The warning is:

Man.Code:29 Dev.Code:56

Is this warning going to affect the programming on the pic?
Is it necessary for the "Device Id Check" box to be activated?

I read on the manual that this function can malfuntion sometimes
Last post : Re:Questions about the wellon software Reply: lxl
No, the warning will not affect the programming and "Device Id check" is not necessary.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2016-4-10 12:01:33 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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