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VP-490 Reply  
VP-490 can use with K9F1208UOC or not. If not how to update. AS I have new 5 units of VP-490 in our company now.
Last post : Re:VP-490 Reply: lxl
please use VP996/896
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vp-996 Reply  
Can you add support for MB90F562B [QFP64]
Thanks in advance
Last post : Re:vp-996 Reply: lxl
we will update software.
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VP-490 Problem Reply  
I use VP-490 with PC windows7 x64bit and installed the lastest software V.4.6.4 (14/7/2014).When select "Blank" or "Program" it always show error red Pins Map picture. But when I use with PC windows7 x32bit V.4.6.2 (03/09/2013), it work properly with no any problem. Pls instruct me how to solve this problem.
Last post : Re:VP-490 Problem Reply: lxl
chip type? maybe use incorrect adapter or incorrect place chip.
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VP-390 Reply  
Please Help!!! My programmer stopped working!!! Programmer trouble!ID: 01CC4DBE1400008A. I updated the programmer"s firmware, still not working. What can I do??? Self test is OK, but cannor read / program anything.
[ The message is modified by dfi ]
Last post : Re:VP-390 Reply: p3ng0
Email sent, please let me know, thanks!
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Program error for VP-490 Reply  
Please instruct me how to solve the below problem

>>Load File OK! Time:11/07/2557 15:57:39
>> 0.02Sec

>>.Blank Check......
>>Blank Check OK!
>> 0.47Sec

>>.Auto Program......
>>.Blank Check......
>>Auto Program OK!
>> 0.81Sec

>>.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:00000001H Device Data:00FFH Buffer Data:5C06H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 0.75Sec
Last post : Re:Program error for VP-490 Reply: lxl
1. please select "Device ID Check".
2. Blank Check the chip. is its ID correct?
3.if incorrect,please check the adapter or use another chip.

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Instruction manual for VP-490 Reply  
Where can I download instruction manual for VP-490.
Please recommend.
Last post : Re:Instruction manual for VP-490 Reply: lxl
please download from http://www.weilei.com/english.pdf
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-11 19:33:53 ] Edit Administer TOP"

TMS370C769AFNT Reply  
VP996 can program TMS370C769A PLCC68 with adapter WL-PL68-M370. None of the US distributors sell the adapter and your website does not list it. Does this adapter exist if so where can I purchase it?
Last post : Re:TMS370C769AFNT Reply: lxl
please contact with weilong@weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-11 20:31:17 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 Software Reply  
I just bought VP-490 from Thai local supplier. After checking I found that Software CD was cracked. Where can I get software. Please help me urgently as I must finish tender job in time. I try to find it in your download but it is not available. Please instruct me how to get it.

Thanks for your urgently reply.
Last post : Re:VP-490 Software Reply: nipat3t

All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-7-10 21:18:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

prog JS28F640J3D with VP-480 Reply  
I need help,
I read and write a flash
JS28F640J3D with the programmer VP-480.

Can anyone help me?

Last post : Re:prog JS28F640J3D with VP-480 Reply: lxl
what question?

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-7 23:26:16 ] Edit Administer TOP"

I can not sew 25q64fvsig Reply  
Hello I Programmer Wellon VP-890 ... software updated . does not write to flash 25q64fvsig throws an error when writing. Device Address: 00000010 H Device Data: 9BH Buffer Data: 80H probyval 3 new vlesh. one result.
Last post : Re:I can not sew 25q64fvsig Reply: lxl
is your software the lastest one?
[ The message is modified by lxl ]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-4 12:14:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

UPD78F1155A Reply  
Hello, I wanted to record IC UPD78F1155A but the software does not have it, you could include?
Last post : Re:UPD78F1155A Reply: lxl
sorry,we don"t find its datasheet.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-3 18:38:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

w25q64 Reply  
How can i read and program the winbond w25q64 with the VP-390 programmer?
Best regards
Last post : Re:w25q64 Reply: myx1
sorry, VP-390 don"t support w25q64
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-3 6:26:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Saving firmwares Reply  
Hi, i got vp-280 and i want find a way to save firmwares eprom"s recorded. How do i do that? Thanks
Last post : Re:Saving firmwares Reply: lxl
1.select chip type.
2.read the chip.
3.save file.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-7-1 22:05:28 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Support PLD LAttice Reply  
Please add support for PLD Lattice (AMD) MACH201A PLCC44
Thank You!
Last post : Re:Support PLD LAttice Reply: lxl
sorry,it is not algorithm datasheet
All replies (4) [ Posted:2014-6-28 17:52:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-290 Reply  
iyi günler
vp-290 cihaz&#305;m var.winbound 25Q64 listede yok.Lütfen yard&#305;m.listeye eklenebilirmi? te&#351;ekkürler.
Last post : Re:vp-290 Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-290 don"t support it.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-6-25 16:43:12 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-880 - 27513 and 27011 Reply  
How do I can read or program the 27513 and 27011 EPROM’s, with the VP-880 Universal programmer?
Best regards
Last post : Re:VP-880 - 27513 and 27011 Reply: lxl
sorry,VP-880 don"t support it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-6-19 15:25:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Intel AB28F400 PSOP44 Reply  
Dear Sir,
  I use VP390 to read and flash EPROM Intel AB28F400 PSOP 44 pins. But not support in this model. I think if you update VP390 to support this PSOP44 pins EPROM,would be very good.Just my idea...however your higher model like VP4xx have support this.

Last post : Re:Intel AB28F400 PSOP44 Reply: lxl
sorry,VP-390 don"t support psop44 package beause hardware.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-6-17 12:03:38 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
please add -TC58NVG1S3HTA00 -VP890
Last post : Re:VP-890 Reply: lxl
All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-6-11 6:33:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

error with f640 adapter Reply  

I got an vp 590,using a tsop56 f640 adapter.i use power cable
I can readmy chip sharp lh28f160s3t l10a
But i cant erase it (no erase process on software,just written erase,blue led is blinking then after a while erase error appears)
Last post : Re:error with f640 adapter Reply: lxl
please download new software.

All replies (17) [ Posted:2014-5-18 13:52:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ttl error Reply  

Using vp590 with last software and power cable

I test ttl 74ls373 (10 new) and only got error
I test the sames ttl on older software(from cd of the vp590 box) and all are ok

[ The message is modified by Infirmier ]
Last post : Re:ttl error Reply: Infirmier
I cant be s&#251;re that test is OK,since vector are wrong.
Ttl are OK
Your software is great,no problem :-D
I will check thoses ttl on older software.

Thanks for your help!you"re great!

All replies (15) [ Posted:2014-5-22 3:41:43 ] Edit Administer TOP"

cmos test 4052 Reply  
I found an error when test 4052.

One line in vector table must be corrected as follow:

V0005 11H0110G1101H11V

Thank you
Last post : Re:cmos test 4052 Reply: lxl
thank you,the software will updated

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-6-7 4:42:01 ] Edit Administer TOP"

UPD78F0534 with VP480 Reply  
Hello! Supported programmer VP 480 programming UPD78F0534 microcontroller ? (NE- Renesas 78K0/Kx2 microcontrollers family)
Appreciate a prompt reply!
[ The message is modified by cvbnm ]
Last post : Re:UPD78F0534 with VP480 Reply: lxl
sorry,VP-480 don"t support it,VP996 support it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-6-1 16:02:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP990, support KKZ06F Reply  
Please add chip:
KKZ01 = 93C46 (smd, rotate pin, organisation 64*16)  , 
KKZ06F = 24C01 (smd) ?.
Chip used in Kenwood car radio.

Last post : Re:VP990, support KKZ06F Reply: kruPL
Software 4.6.4(2014-06-03) (demo mode)
KKZ01 - not supported in vp596/vp390/vp290
Please add support for all programmers.

All replies (8) [ Posted:2014-4-23 22:44:07 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Device At89LP52 program fail in Vp996 Reply  
Hello!! In Vp996 with software 4.6.4 and firm 20, the device At89LP52 show Eraser, Blank check Ok and Auto Program fail. Test with 03 other deivces and show same error. Please Help me. Best regards.
Last post : Re:Device At89LP52 program fail in Vp996 Reply: Airton
I update again and solve it.


All replies (7) [ Posted:2014-3-25 1:35:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

KFG1GN6W2D Reply  
hello, can include KFG1GN6W2D flash chip,
Last post : Re:KFG1GN6W2D Reply: lxl
do not find its datasheet.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-22 18:55:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

S29GL064N90TFIM3 Reply  
S29GL064N90TFIM3 can include flash chip because this does not have the software
Last post : Re:S29GL064N90TFIM3 Reply: lxl
do not find its datasheet
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-24 20:55:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 and K9T1G08uom Reply  
Problem in the programming and reading K9T1G08uom
other chip is programmed correctly

[ The message is modified by kedzior12 ]
Last post : Re:vp-990 and K9T1G08uom Reply: lxl
K9T1G08uom have bad block,please see its datasheet.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-24 15:07:56 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wp-496 Reply  
hello, I just bought a wp-496, but I can not delete 24c02-24c04-24c08-25c16-so, how? kindly someone I can "explain? I also downloaded the more "recently, thanks
Last post : Re:wp-496 Reply: donio
thank you
All replies (5) [ Posted:2014-5-20 1:37:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

EN25Q32B-104HIP Reply  
can include flash cFeon EN25Q32B-104HIP
Last post : Re:EN25Q32B-104HIP Reply: lxx
Please select EN25Q32B.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-19 0:01:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

file WL-EBGA64-E138-3.FIG please Reply  
Hello friends ..

that tall .. I tell them I Wellon WL-896 with EBGA64-E138-3 .... I want to read bga gl256s90fhi01 ..
but detected Wellon WL-EBGA64-E138-3 ..

I wonder if someone can send me your file WL-EBGA64-E138-3.FIG to check whether the socket works or not ..
is testing another Wellon same error 996 and other model bga ..

if you can send me to my email or upload files to the web.

thank you very much

send WL-EBGA64-E145-1.FIG


[ The message is modified by conouy ]
Last post : Re:file WL-EBGA64-E138-3.FIG please Reply: lxl
1.please run your teamviewer,
2.email me your teamviewer"ID and password.
3.I will remote your PC.
All replies (8) [ Posted:2014-5-12 2:41:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP890 X H27U1G8F2 Reply  
Hi, I′ve a problem to erase and to programmer a HYNIX H27U1G8F2B *48TS
>>Initiating, Please wait...

>>Programmer initiate success!
>>Load File OK! Time:12/12/2013 12:21:52
>> 12,92Sec

>>Man.Code:AD  Dev. Code:F1
>>.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:04308409H Device Data:00H Buffer Data:15H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 252,52Sec
Last post : VP890 X H27U1G8F2 Reply: myx1
please download new software if yours is old.
and click "fig" then select "hard copy(verify)" "page2112".then program.
if your chip has bad block,you"d better select "hard copy(no verify)".

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-13 4:17:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-480 with Win7 64bit Reply  

Does the VP-480 can work under Win7 64bit or not?
Which version of your software can support?
Last post : Re:VP-480 with Win7 64bit Reply: lxl
please use V4.3.4 64bit version.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-12 14:17:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

BGA 24 Spansion Fl064PIFS VP896 Reply  
i Need read FL064PIFS i have VP 896 .. .
this is bga 24 .. datasheet https://www.spansion.com/Support/Datasheets/S25FL064P_00.pdf

I have socket Model : E145-1 - 138-3 others ..

I can read with 896 VP ISP mode? .. Connected to its pin BGA, I selected a similiar model BGA

Please send information
Last post : vp-490 Reply: myx1
you can select 8pin-ISP and link like below or download new software later.
1--WP--C4 | 10--
2--SI--D3 | 9--VCC--B4
3--SO--D2 | 8--
4--CS--C2 | 7--HOLD-D4
5--GND-B3 | 6--SCK--B2

All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-5-5 11:36:40 ] Edit Administer TOP"

how to copy eprom vp-290 Reply  
i have one vp-290 and i want to copy the file from one m48t08 and one ds1225y to save their files, how i do it? even if they are blocked can i do it?
Last post : vp-490 Reply: myx1
you can "read" the chip,then their files will be read into buffer,and  then click "Edit" and see the files.
if you want to save,click "save".
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-5 5:30:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

S99-50243D Reply  
may include S99-50243D it is identical to S29AL016JxxTFI01
Last post : Re:S99-50243D Reply: lxl
the soft is updated.please download new software.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2014-4-24 21:54:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

NT68F63L Reply  
NEED AC ADAPTOR!. Auto program fail!. The NT68F63L 20 UNITS ARE NEW, USED ADAPTER WL-PL44-U001.Software Version: 4.6.4 (Updated: April 30, 2014).
Why miss that message need ac adapter!?
Last post : Re:NT68F63L Reply: lxl
programmer type? please send error photo to weilong@weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-5-3 1:13:14 ] Edit Administer TOP"

A write lock vp-590 Reply  
hello i have a vp-590 and I want to make a write lock on a 93c56
as is?
Last post : Re:A write lock vp-590 Reply: lxl
93c56 con not been writed lock.
All replies (5) [ Posted:2014-4-28 20:03:22 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP896,flash HY27UF082G2B Reply  
I have the VP896, I"m trying to write several flash HY27UF082G2B.recorded hy27xx and this line does not work on philips led tv"s for recording or AOC.I make copies of good flash memories, in al I record new memories or memories used in recorded I can not do more to sure.someone these memories has made recordings for use in tv"s? thank you, Ronaldo.
Last post : Re:VP896,flash HY27UF082G2B Reply: Ronaldo
thanks, I"ll do the test after warning.
All replies (8) [ Posted:2014-4-2 9:11:43 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Pinout of IC Reply  
vellon user
Why dont have pinout in newer version of SW on older was wich pin of ic connect on programmer now dont have
Last post : Re:Pinout of IC Reply: lxl
you try,I do know which version.
All replies (7) [ Posted:2014-4-17 20:29:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

2716 eprom support for 390 Reply  
Hi. Does the vp-390 support 2716 type EPROMs ? Thanks
Last post : Re:2716 eprom support for 390 Reply: lxl
VP-390 do not supports 2716,but supports 27C16
VP-390 do not supports VPP=25V chips!
All replies (2) [ Posted:2014-4-25 21:38:17 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Flash MX25L12845EWI-10G Reply  
you have to include Flash MX25L12845EWI-10G because it has the database of the VP-990
Last post : vp-490 Reply: myx1
I can"t find MX25L12845EWI-10G.
Maybe it is MX25L12845EMI *16SOIC.you can select it and have a try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-23 19:49:07 ] Edit Administer TOP"

XC9572 Problems Reply  
Hello Everybody!,

I have a Vp-990 programmer and I"m trying to dump the program content in a CPLD from Xilinx XC9572 in a PC44 package, When I read It i have no problems, but when I try to verify the buffer that contents the program i read with the program on the chip there appears mismatches and I don"t know wy, does anyone can help me?

I"m using a DIY adapter, I"ve added 100nf decoupling caps to the adapter board and the problem rests
Last post : Re:XC9572 Problems Reply: lxl
please send the photo to weilong@weilei.com.cn

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-22 5:56:07 ] Edit Administer TOP"

82s129 read support on VP390 Reply  
I just bought your VP390 programmer.
I need to (almost) read some old 82s129 proms, but VP390 don"t support still them.
It is possible to add support for them?
Or, almost, add the read only support?
Actually I"m read it with Arduino, I made following build, but this is a mess!


Thank you in advance!
Last post : Re:82s129 read support on VP390 Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-290 do not support it,please use VP996.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-17 14:17:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon vp-390 Reply  
I have the VP390
Programmer trouble! ID:3987A934000000DA
Last post : Re:wellon vp-390 Reply: lxl
Please PrintScreen on the whole interface including the error message and send it to weilong@weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-15 18:08:27 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon vp-390 Reply  
Esta sempre a aparecer este erro:

Problema no Programador!ID: 39FFA8340000002E

como resolvo isto ?
Last post : Re:wellon vp-390 Reply: lxl
have sent you reset software.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-14 23:34:26 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-490 Reply  
this chip programmer vp-490 can"t program a SPI FLSH Winbound W25Q128vf !!
although there cheap programmer on the market can do easly...
why you can"t add it?
Last post : Re:vp-490 Reply: lxl
the new soft support 25q128fvs by VP-490.
if you can find, maybe you use elder software.
All replies (9) [ Posted:2014-4-6 8:26:59 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ST M28W320HSU @64EBGA Reply  
hello, I have a VP890 and take a error to erase ST M28W320HSU (64EBGA)

>>Man.Code:20  Dev. Code:0C
>>Erase fail!
>> 14,14Sec
the chip is otp ? any solution ?

Last post : Re:ST M28W320HSU @64EBGA Reply: lxl
you need update your software.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-4-9 14:48:05 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon 890 Problem Reply  
Each time a read, write all the systems I have this error:

>>Programmer trouble!ID: 012D873B150000F8

What can I do?
Last post : Re:wellon 890 Problem Reply: lxl
Please PrintScreen on the whole interface including the error message and send it to weilong@weilei.com.cn

All replies (4) [ Posted:2014-4-8 17:25:00 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-490 Reply  

>>Programmer initiate success!

>>Programmer trouble!ID: 0108DFFFFFFFFFFF

Last post : Re:vp-490 Reply: lark
Please PrintScreen on the whole interface including the error message and send it to lark@weilei.com.cn

All replies (1) [ Posted:2014-4-7 15:46:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 refusing to program 27C512"s Reply  
Hey there. I have a VP-390, and when I try to program a 27C512, it starts programming and then errors after 5 seconds or so. Here is the error:

>>.Auto Program......
>>.Blank Check......
>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:FFH Buffer Data:F3H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 4.59Sec

I have tried with many 512"s, including new. Software version 4.6.4, firmware 20.0. Please help! Thanks
Last post : Re:VP-390 refusing to program 27C512 Reply: lxl
You can program the 27c512 with other programmer to check if the chip is bad.or send the programmer and the chips to us to check.

All replies (19) [ Posted:2014-2-6 9:46:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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