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help me~ Reply  
The use of vp-390.
Help came out the words: >>Programmer trouble!ID: 3965D534000000D1
Last post : Re:help me~ Reply: lxl
1. download and install new software.
2. run wellon software and exit wellon software.
3. run c:\weilei\wellon\wellon_reset.exe.
  if display "sys update ok!" ,the programmer reset OK.

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WELLON VP-990 Reply  
Hi, my programmer stops working vp-990. It began with the fact that he tried to program with any chip gave an error - programmer trouble! ID: 01D414FFFFFFFFFF. But then it could still read without errors chip. Then he stopped reading them as well. Of instructions read that it is necessary to update the firmware shorting jumper. I did so.
Last post : Re:WELLON VP-990 Reply: ars44
I sent foto to your email.
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wellon VP-890 Reply  
aiman said

hi-please add PIC32MX250
Last post : Re:wellon VP-890 Reply: aiman said
Thank you very much!
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intel flash da28f320j5 Reply  
after udpdate firmware and software of gp400 now cannnot write intel flash only read erase but not write new file please check this problem software 4.6.5 firmware 21.0

please help me i bought gp400 only to read and program this intel flash and after update firmware have problems 

[ The message is modified by cerrajeriamty ]
Last post : Re:intel flash da28f320j5 Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
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Fujitsu MB8516 with Vp 890 Reply  
I have to program some Fujitsu MB8516 with Vp 890

is it possible?

I do not see it in the list, if i click on the "Auto ID" it says nothing...

Any solution?

Last post : Re:Fujitsu MB8516 with Vp 890 Reply: lxl

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NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply  
Is there any chance someone can tell me how to program this chip ?
This chip is the cause of my radio not working, but when i fit a new one nothing happens, but i fit one from another radio it works.
So i think i must program it with the data from a working chip?
Can someone help please?
Any advice is much appreciated

I attach a photo below

Last post : Re:NEC D78F0828B(A) support Reply: lxl
this chip don"t support read chip.

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STM8S207/208 ST Reply  
Hello , may include MCU STM8S207/208 ST
Last post : Re:STM8S207/208 ST Reply: lxl
please download new software.
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K9F2G08U08B Reply  
Hello , I have a problem with K9F2G08U08B memory, has not identical copy, it is 256M but only makes copy 132M , there"s something wrong , wait.
Last post : Re:K9F2G08U08B Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
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at88sc0808ca Reply  
can i clone a at88sc0808ca eprom even if this chip is encryted with password? i can read the chip but the detail is encryted so i just want to clone this for spare if the original is spoilt.
Last post : Re:at88sc0808ca Reply: lxl
no,you cannot
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ttl & cmos test with vp-480 Reply  
Hi. I have a big quantity of used 74HC373D. Can I perform the test above to this IC ? with the smallest doubt I have to garbage it !

It is not in the list so I created it with add pattern consulting its datasheet, I resulted:


where I thought to leave out 2 tests, because I could not interpret the state "high impedance state off" for output

[ The message is modified by kallquk ]
Last post : Re:ttl & cmos test with vp-480 Reply: lxl
naybe your programmer is bad. this programmer is elder product.
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Please Help Reply  
Babak Aliyari
The chip is NXP LPC2146FBD64
but wellon program does not support this chip in isp mode
can i use another program and if i can whats the name of it
please help and one more thing its on my M-Audio mainboard and my axiom pro 49 screen is dead
Last post : Re:Please Help Reply: gxj
we will add it as soon as possible
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at88sc0808ca Reply  
I have a vp996 and i cant read the at88sc0808ca thru isp?can you help?
Last post : Re:at88sc0808ca Reply: lxl
at88sc0808ca usually is Encryption
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EMP-290..I have two questions. Reply  
I recently purchased an EMP-290 from Needhams Eletronics and weilei.com is listed on the instruction booklet.

I have two issues:

1 - How do I get it out of "demo mode"

2 - Should it have an ac adapter plug? I use the USB cord and I assume it is getting power because the green G/E light is illuminated.
Last post : Re:EMP-290..I have two questions. Reply: lxl
please reinstall usb driver. it is at c:\weilei\wellon\usbsys

All replies (3) [ Posted:2015-2-27 7:31:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

6821 Reply  
I have a vp-290, I check a 40pin 6821?
Last post : Re:6821 Reply: lxl
sorry,we have not its datasheet.
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Sharp LRS1396 Reply  
Please add Sharp LRS1396 to the list for VP990. Xeltek supports it: http://www.xeltek.com/device_lists/SHARP/LRS1396/

Last post : Re:Sharp LRS1396 Reply: lxl
sorry,we do not find its datasheet

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PAL16R6 with VP 890 Reply  

I need to substitute an AMD PAL16R6 -20pin

The VP 890 is ok for it? or do I need to buy an another programmer?

..or an adapter?

Let me know


Last post : Re:PAL16R6 with VP 890 Reply: lxl
sorry,it is elder chip. no

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vp-996 Reply  

I have a VP-996 programmer and I am trying record an AT89S2051 soic, if I use an adapter with paralel mode it works, but if I try with adapter ISP with the cable It works ( read, prog config, compare) but doesn&#180;t erase and doesn&#180;t program, when I interchange MOSI per MISO, Erase It works, only program doesn&#180;t works, I upgrade my version today 4.6.5,the message it&#180;s:

Last post : Re:vp-996 Reply: gxj
sorry,the isp fuse can change only in paralel mode .

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H27U1G8F2BTR BC Reply  
Hello , I made two dump a H27U1G8F2BTR BC memory but when I record on another device the equipment does not work , this dump may have errors ? I made comparisons and were identical but as I mentioned recording on another device does not work ( the unit) is certainly making dump with errors. I use VP990 , please need urgent help
Last post : Re:H27U1G8F2BTR BC Reply: myx1
1.program mode:button "config",choose "hard copy(verify)" and "used(page=2112)".then read one and program the other.
auto prg choose "earse"and "program" on the right side.
2.if fail,you may choose "hard copy(no verify)" then have a try.
3.if it is still not working,maybe the bad blocks area are used for value datas,this you have to use another one.
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wellon VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Please Add the Arabic language to the program interface
Last post : Re:wellon VP-890 Reply: lxl
do you can help us to Translate from English to Arabic?
All replies (2) [ Posted:2015-2-19 2:52:09 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ISP Problem Reply  
Babak Aliyari
Hi I have a VP 890 programmer and i want to use my isp cable for programming a jtag port to program a chip but i cannot figure out that what cable is connected to what pin of jtag port please help me if its possible give me the similar name of the jtag
on my isp cable white is XTAL orange is blank (nothing written) red is VCC
yellow is DATA blue is VPP green is blank (nothing written) brown is blank (nothing written) purple is blank (nothing written) gray is CLK black is GND
please help me
Last post : Re:ISP Problem Reply: Babak Aliyari
The chip is NXP LPC2146FBD64
but wellon program does not support this chip in isp mode
can i use another program and if i can whats the name of it
please help
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wellon VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
please add language Arabic
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Add S9S12HY64VLL Reply  
plz Add S9S12HY64VLL
Last post : Re:Add S9S12HY64VLL Reply: lxl
please download new software
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NEC UPD 446C and TC 5565apl memory Reply  
I have VP480 and I am interested how to read and write NEC UPD 446C CMOS RAM and Toshiba TC 5565apl memory?
Thank you for your prompt reply.
Last post : Re:NEC UPD 446C and TC 5565apl memory Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-480 don"t support it.
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VP990 not working in Windows 8.1 Reply  
I have VP990 and Windows 8.1 64bit, i have downloaded latest software and it"s not working, programmer initialization failed, only works in demo mode.
Can you fix this please?
Last post : Re:VP990 not working in Windows 8.1 Reply: benaknoun
Now it seems to be working, i installed drivers from Weilei folder in Windows...
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VP-890 and 29F2G08ABAEA Reply  
Hi Sir,
can you add this nand flash to VP-890 SW ?
Last post : Re:VP-890 and 29F2G08ABAEA Reply: lxl
please download new software.
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VP-280 Reply  
abubakar ibrahim
Hi am sadik from Bauchi, Nigeria, i have wellon VP-280 and is doing well....thanks to weilei tech, you guys are doing a great job http://www.weilei.com/lyb/images/p6.gif
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29f200 psop44 Reply  
my wellon not read 29f200 psop44 .. why??
Last post : Re:29f200 psop44 Reply: lxl
VP-390 don"t support psop44 package chip,beause hardware.
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VP990 Windows 8.1 64bit Reply  
I have the programmer VP990.
Is it compatible with Windows 8.1 64 bit ?
I need to know because i am changing my computer

Last post : Re:VP990 Windows 8.1 64bit Reply: benaknoun
Do you mean yes it works with Windows 8 64bit?

All replies (2) [ Posted:2015-2-4 20:17:43 ] Edit Administer TOP"

GP-400 accidental FORMAT Reply  
we just purchased GP-400 and programmed some EPROMS. Then I accidentally clicked on "FORMAT" button in the Wellon Windows utility software. The progress bar started to move. Then I clicked cancel (or maybe escape, or maybe close window). Now I cannot establish communication between GP400 and my host PC.
Please explain how to fix this.
Thank you.
Last post : Re:GP-400 accidental FORMAT Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-2-6 6:47:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

windows 8 software for VP280 model Reply  
Im using VP-280 model. how to get the software for windows 8. my existing laptop was stolen. anybody please me. Thanks You
Last post : Re:windows 8 software for VP280 model Reply: lxl
sorry,VP-280 don"t support windows8
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ST 95160 does not correct reading Reply  
Hello my dear admin
i use programmer VP-990 new update ver 4.6.5 firmware ver 18.0 , read eprom manufacturer ST 95160 but reading Wrong
Wrong size 2.01KB i some time tray but not good reading , good reading is
size 2.00KB
what problem plz tell me
Last post : Re:ST 95160 does not correct reading Reply: lxl
"File"-->"Save Buffer"-->"Save Buffer to A File"-->"Buffer Size(HEX)"
change from 810 to 800
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MX 27c4100 with Vp 890 Reply  
I tried to program this eprom from Macronix MX 27c4100 with my vp 890 but the software ssys "The Device isn"t supported"

Last post : Re:MX 27c4100 with Vp 890 Reply: lxl

All replies (6) [ Posted:2015-2-2 8:54:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

mx25l1655dxci Reply  
please add layout MX25L1655DXCI BGA24 ..
programmer VP990
Last post : Re:mx25l1655dxci Reply: separator
yes update bigthx. very good.. :D
All replies (6) [ Posted:2015-2-1 1:01:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Samsung K9F4G08U0B Reply  
Please My VP- 990 does not correct reading of the Samsung K9F4G08U0B have any option to change ?
Last post : Re:Samsung K9F4G08U0B Reply: lelobq
I solved the problem with updating the firmware, had 18.0 and 21.0 and now spent to solve the problem
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VP-490 Reply  

problem with wellon VP490. Windows7, driver on system is ok - usb devices "Wellon usb programmer". If i connect gren led and blue led lihgting. Double click on wellon icon - programm running, but say "Programmer initiate failure! - The system is in demo mode!" If i disconnect programmer and run programm without, i can select manually programmer and programm allow me make update. During update, leds is blinking. Programm shows "update ok" but no change on programmer work.
Last post : Re:VP-490 Reply: lxl
please download and install new software,
run c:\weilei\wellon\wellon_reset.exe

All replies (3) [ Posted:2015-2-2 19:07:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Program Eprom 27c160/27c322 with Vp 890 Reply  

I bought a Vp 890,

Now i want to program some 16 bit eeproms St 27c322 and st 27c160

Do I need an adapter?

which one?

Last post : Re: 27c160/27c322 with Vp 890 Reply: lxl
if DIP package, don"t need
if SOP package, need adapter WL-SOP44-U001

All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-2-1 7:25:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

windows 7 for vp480 Reply  
I have a vp480, how can I get it to run on a 64bit windows 7 system?
Last post : Re:windows 7 for vp480 Reply: lxx
Sorry, VP-480 can"t run on win7.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-1-27 2:20:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

SOP44 support for VP-390 Reply  
Hello there. I am wishing to program 29L3211 SOP44 chips. I see you have SOP44 adapters on your website.
Which one should I buy and can you add support for this chip to the VP-390?

Last post : Re:SOP44 support for VP-390 Reply: lxl

All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-2-16 13:48:57 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Newbie - VP-190 - copy NM27C32BQ - Reply  
Hello -

I am a newbie and I need help please:
Bought a VP-190 programmer and want to "copy" a NS NM27C32BQ Eprom.
Select done (NMC27C32B - without "Q").
Original Eprom inserted - read (under 1 second) - saved as .bin.
New Eprom inserted - Prog - Warning! Device Code Error - Man.Code:FF Dev. Code:FF

Any idea???
Last post : Re:Newbie - VP-190 - copy NM27C32BQ - Reply: lxl
NMC27C32BQ = NMC27C32B
maybe your chip is bad.

All replies (8) [ Posted:2014-12-12 4:21:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"


Hello i have 2 bga64


i buy a expensive socket from u WL-EBGA64 - E138 from you but i try and try to read and write this 2 bga flash but cant dump or program , when put socket on zif is detected but reading writing operation = FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  WHATS WRONG ? i buy a expensive socket :(

im using last software from support

[ The message is modified by chotky ]
[ The message is modified by chotky ]
Last post : Re: S29GL256PxxFFCR1 @64EBGA SPA Reply: lxl
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-1-22 22:23:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

intel da28f320j5 Reply  
after download the new software cannot read and write da28f320j5 please help me or check this bug i have many problems with intel flash
Last post : Re:intel da28f320j5 Reply: lxl
programmer type?
is adapter correct?
please send error photo to [email protected]
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-1-21 14:15:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Help with Am28F010 Plc32 Reply  
Hello! Please help me with AM28F010 PLC32 in Vp390/Vp596/Vp996 show program fail. With adapter power, set Slow Program/Read. Use The last software version. Best regards.
[ The message is modified by kyo ]
Last post : Re:Help with Am28F010 Plc32 Reply: lxl
maybe your chip is bad.
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Why adapter are secret? Reply  
Hello. I need some info. I want buy vp-996. I want have good programmer, 90 percent chip are eeprop,but sometimes need read flash tsop56. So this adapter will use one time in year. Why adapter schematic are secret? If it not will be secret i can conect tsop56 chip direct with wire and dont need to buy expensive adapter. What can you say about it?
Last post : Re:Why adapter are secret? Reply: lxl
there are IC on our adapter.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2015-1-17 4:05:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

software fail Reply  
i can"t download the new software the server is very bad very slow and   before finish the download fail and i can"t use th gp400 when i select   memory the software close alone
Last post : Re:software fail Reply: lxl
please download from www.weilei.com or www.weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-1-16 15:18:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

HY27US08281A Reply  
I have a problem with HY27US08281A. With VP-990 version from 12.12.2012 noproblem-chip write OK and chip works on his place. With new versions show program OK, but no ok (chip don"t works on his place). After write dump with new version i read it and save. There are 16 byte differences which areon the last line. On the old version buffer size is 1080000, on the new is1080010, but i don"t think that is problem. I don"t understand where is problem
Last post : Re:HY27US08281A Reply: sinfan
Thank you, work!
All replies (2) [ Posted:2015-1-9 1:35:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Spansion S29GL128N Reply  
Which Programmer Models support Spansion S29GL128N (TSOP56)
Last post : Re:Spansion S29GL128N Reply: lxx
All replies (1) [ Posted:2015-1-6 23:31:56 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-996 can`t read AM29LV017D Reply  

I have problem with reading AM29LV017D memories. When I place memory in adapter and start reading, programmer indicates problem with memory connections (few pins blink): http://www.wrkom.pl/am29lv017d.jpg I was trying to clean pins of memory but it doesn`t matter, all connections are good. My memory is in standard TSOP40 package and I am using pin to pin TSOP adapter. Ofcourse adapter works fine with other types of memories, problem is only with AM29LV017D. Can you help me?
Last post : Re:VP-996 can`t read AM29LV017D Reply: lxl
please send your adapter and chip photo to [email protected]

All replies (7) [ Posted:2015-1-1 22:38:52 ] Edit Administer TOP"

cannot read to buffer VP280 Reply  
VP-280, software 4.3.4 firmware 12

I try to read a hex file to buffer but the buffer is empty. From user
manual, it should have a dialogue window open but it have not. 選中檔後,將會彈出一個對話方塊(見5.1.1),點擊“確定”完成檔的讀入。
I also try to read 89c52 to buffer, it is the same. At last, I remove the software and reinstall. It is no difference at all.
Have any setting I have missing. Please advice
Last post : Re:cannot read to buffer VP280 Reply: vr2yxt
Problem Solved.
The software cannot load hex file from CD-ROM.

All replies (2) [ Posted:2015-1-2 17:45:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

error vp 390 29fxx Reply  
last Relise 4.6.5 adattatre 44-48 pin.

always pin 1 does not touch  if I tried different 29fxx I can read but no writing. helpscrivere. aiuto
Last post : Re:error vp 390 29fxx Reply: lxl
VP-390 don"t support 44 pin package 29F200/400/800 !!!

All replies (3) [ Posted:2014-12-31 14:45:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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