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vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxl
soft is updated
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Software 4.5.1 Bug Reply  
I update the software to 4.5.0 and 4.5.1. When read the eprom give a error message " Note!Firmware Ver is lower,please update! my Wellon is VP890 and firmware is 11.0,
Last post : Re:Software 4.5.1 Bug Reply: lxl
please run "Help"--> "System Update".update firmware to 17.0
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vp-290 problems Reply  

i just buy an vp-290 which rocks


i don"t understand why i can"t program eprom like NEC D27C40960 or equivalent when you can do it whith an vp-280(older) wich is compatible with less composant

it is a way to update the compatible list of the vp-290 ? thanks!

by the way,if i want to program an ST M27C322,which adapter should i buy?
Last post : Re:vp-290 problems Reply: lxl

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my vp290 does not work with windows 7 Reply  
My pc has a cpu Intel (R) Core (TM) 2 DUO and a Windows 7 Ultimate.
VP290 does not work. When I start, I find a message that says:
Programmer initializing failure, possible causes:
1.- Programmer is not connected to USB or Parallel por port properly.
2.- Programmer power suply not connected
3.- Reconect USB cable pressing Retry or star the software again.
The programmer mode says: Communication error!

What I must do?
Last post : Re:my vp290 does not work with windows 7 Reply: Potiron

did you install the software before or after plugged the programer in the usb port?

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GP-20 IC support Reply  
I have Gp-20 purchased few days back from vega robot mumbai india .I cannot select EEPROM , H27U518 series as it is doesnot appear when I am usint "SELECT" and typing H27U..... .I think it is not included in the actual list of the programmer .But before purchasing this programmer I had checked on the web site regarding H27U518 series and Gp-20 was the model advised by the Weilei site. I request you to update the program so that I can use EEPROM H27U518 series as it is most urgent.
Last post : Re:GP-20 IC support Reply: lxl
please update your software.GP-20 supports H27U518
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vp-380 ic support Reply  
hello i have wellon v-380 programmer. Its not support winbond 25Q80BVAIG & also mx25l8005PC-15G what can i do please give the sollution
Last post : Re:vp-380 ic support Reply: lxx
TTL&CMOS cann"t read.You can select 7490 or 7493 to test.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2011-11-8 18:14:14 ] Edit Administer TOP"

atmega 88v Reply  
Dear friends with all due respect I use this programmer makes about three years now and never had a problem with this chip only after the rise of the firmware to 17 and who had this problem.
Last post : Re:atmega88v Reply: Messi
this problem we have solved ,Please download the latest software
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-26 22:22:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Atmega88v Reply  
After these latest updates"m not getting more ATMEGA88V record of always communication error, what should I do to solve this problem.
Last post : Re:atmega88 Reply: Messi
Please download the latest software tomorrow or the day after tomorrow
[ The message is modified by Messi ]
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-9-26 4:33:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

looking for chip programer Reply  
hi guys,
i need a chips programer for ST

that can read/write etc. including socket.
just pm me the details
or call me +639267043888
Last post : Re:looking for chip programer Reply: cm
The programmer VP-590 is the cheapest programmer that can support your chip.I am sorry, I didn"t know which company can supply program service in philippines.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-9-18 21:37:42 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Ic spansion s29gl256pxxffss7 Reply  
Hello good afternoon I live here in Brazil and I have a Vp990 and would like to write to flash Spansion s29gl256pxxffss7 and it is not listed, is there any possibility to include this component in the list, since many thanks and await response.
Last post : Re:Ic spansion s29gl256pxxffss7 Reply: jin
You can choose S29GL256PxxFFI01 to try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-26 4:24:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Atmega series by MOSI/MISO Reply  
Can you add ISP programming for the Atmega series by MOSI/MISO?
Last post : Re:VP-390 isn Reply: Messi
Please tell us the specific chip model
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-26 4:04:21 ] Edit Administer TOP"

dead vp 990 after update fail Reply  
hi, just tried update wellon after switch off on goes off, power adapter is working fine just no signs of live from vp 990
Last post : Re:dead vp 990 after update fail Reply: marcin
chapter 3.7 solved problem uff... :) thank you
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-22 3:19:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

isplsi1016 or pLSI1016 Reply  
Hi guys, I need program pld pLSI1016 with VP590, I can read and erase it, but when begins to program it, not program nothing.
I use the adapter WL-PL44-U1
I hope someone help me!!!
Thanks in advance
Last post : Re:isplsi1016 or pLSI1016 Reply: ltihi
Working now again...excellent! Thanks a lot for your support!
All replies (5) [ Posted:2012-9-14 20:02:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

just a question Reply  
is this true
VP890 or VP990. ( They are the same, VP990 is export version)
Last post : Re:just a question Reply: cm
No,the software can distinguish programmer automaticlly.When you didn"t link the progrmamer, you can look at the device list of VP-990. But when you link the programmer, the software will distinguish the programemr VP-890. Enen though you use the English language, it is VP-890.
All replies (5) [ Posted:2012-9-11 9:40:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

want to buy wellon programmer Reply  
hi dear

i am from india(chandigarh) and i want to buy WELLON VP 280 programmer. where is the best place and price

Last post : Re:want to buy wellon programmer Reply: cm
The programmer VP-280 have stopped production. You can select our other programmer. Please browse our website, and select the programmer according your need.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-11 12:14:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp280 Reply  
Can the vp280 program a M27v322 eprom? Cant seem to see it in the list. John
Last post : Re:vp280 Reply: cm
The programmer VP-280 have stopped production. The software have stopped update.If you can find the chip in the list, the programmer didn"t support it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-11 16:16:26 ] Edit Administer TOP"

programmer VP890 my problem .programing flash type BGA
SERIES m28w320fts/fsu/hsu ETC.

>>Initiating, Please wait...

>>Programmer initiate success!
>>Load File OK! Time:2012-03-11 14:26:18
>> 0,02Sec

>>.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:0000H Buffer Data:0000H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 14,00Sec

The following lines in drivers/mtd/chips/cfi_cmdset_0001.c are suspicious:

{ CFI_MFR_ANY, CFI_ID_ANY, fixup_use_write_buffers, NULL },
{ CFI_MFR_ST, 0x00ba, /* M28W320CT */ fixup_st_m28w320ct, NULL },
{ CFI_MFR_ST, 0x00bb, /* M28W320CB */ fixup_st_m28w320cb, NULL },

There are several issues:

1. The documentation lists the chip ID as 0x88ba/0x88bb, not 0x00ba/0x00bb. A
vendor based a patch for the M28W640 part on these lines and it was indeed
broken because of the zeroed high bytes.

2. The fixup_st_m28w320ct function zeroes cfi->cfiq->BufWriteTimeoutTyp, but
fixup_use_write_buffers tests it first because it is earlier in the array. So
fixup_use_write_buffers should be moved to the end I think.

3. Knowing next to nothing about MTD, I am not clear on what "top" vs. "bottom"
parts are all about. The card I am using does not have both. Only one of the
M28W320 fixups is clearing cfi->cfiq->BufWriteTimeoutTyp -- should they both do

Joe Buehler

[ The message is modified by s@parator ]
B4-1-402 Hi-tech innovation base,No.16,the 5th Haitai Development Street
Huayuan Industrial Park, Hi-tech Industrial Zone, Tianjin ,P.R.C,300384 
Tianjin Weilei Technology Ltd. P.R.China
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VP680 not program 29LV651UE Reply  
Hi guys, I need program memory 29LV651UE with VP680, I can read and erase it, but when begins to program it, not program nothing.
There"s a solution for this problem, in the software program there"s this memory, I use the adapter WL-TSOP48-U1
I hope someone help me!!!
Thanks in advance
Last post : Re:VP680 not program 29LV651UE Reply: jin
You can download our software Ver4.2.0. If it still program failed, you can select the option "Slow Program/Read" to try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-1 16:56:12 ] Edit Administer TOP"

s29gl064n90ffis2 Reply  
Hi, I have a VP890 and I need to programm a Spansion flash model s29gl064n90ffis2, what similar chp works ? Thanksp                      
[ The message is modified by guliver ]
Last post : Re:s29gl064n90ffis2 Reply: jin
You can choose the chip type "S29GL064NxxFFI02" to try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-9-2 0:10:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

WELLON VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi , I have a VP890 and I need to program a Spansion ebga MB90F394H
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-9-1 7:04:12 ] Edit Administer TOP"

WELLON VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Solution is required to shake the flash and thanked

Reply the message [ Posted:2012-8-31 6:48:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Cant write flash M29W160ET Reply  
vellon user
Hello, i cant write bin file in M29W160ET TSOP48 ST manufacturer. I use VP590 with WL-TSOP48-U1, i can read, compare, erase ic but cant write. Here is picture and have that trouble http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/89/pictureofprogrammerorna.jpg/ any help??
Last post : Re:Cant write flash M29W160ET Reply: vellon user
Solved, im attach "slow program/read" all work perfectly

best regards

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-8-25 18:40:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 question Reply  
Hi guys, could be possible UPGRADE the VP-890 to read/write chip with a capacities greater than 4GB? Today we often find chips with capacities greater than 4GB and it would be nice to manage them.
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Last post : Re:VP-890 question Reply: cm
Please tell me your chip name.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-8-15 18:32:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Windows 7 64-bit driver is unsigned Reply  
I can"t install the USB driver as it"s unsigned. When will there be a signed driver available for Windows 7 64-bit?
[ The message is modified by Razor68 ]
Last post : Re:Windows 7 64-bit driver is unsigned Reply: Razor68
The driver issue is fixed in version 4.4.0 for 64-bit.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-8-3 23:54:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-480, programming M27C322 Reply  
Hello, i am trying to programm ST M27c322 with the VP-480 (SW 4.2 - last version) under Win XP. The problem is, that it seems to programm only until the adress 1FFFFFh - from 200000h till 3FFFFFh all data is just FFh. All smaller ones seems to work perfect, for example 27c160 (000000h-1FFFFFh) is working perfectly fine. What i am missing here? Any setting i should change or is my VP-480 maybe defective? Thanks in advance for your help!
[ The message is modified by masto ]
Last post : Re:VP-480, programming M27C322 Reply: masto
Working now again...excellent! Thanks a lot for your support!
All replies (9) [ Posted:2012-8-9 15:29:26 ] Edit Administer TOP"

AT90S1200 fuse settings Reply  

I found bug in software. When select AT90S1200, Config screen, fuse settings popup SPIEN RCEN is too narrow... can"t read RCEN option is enabled or disabled.

Please correct this.

Thank you

[ The message is modified by Fastah ]
Last post : Re:AT90S1200 fuse settings Reply: Fastah
Now working...

Thank you

All replies (4) [ Posted:2012-7-25 4:43:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

CY7C293A blank check on VP980 Reply  
I found bug in software (latest and older). When Blank check on blank eprom CY7C293A program say:

>>.Blank Check......
>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:FFH Buffer Address:00000000H Buffer Data:FFH
>>Blank Check fail!
>> 0,02Sec

Chip was realy blank, program read all FF and checksum is 0007F800
Please correct this.

Thank you
Last post : Re:CY7C293A blank check on VP980 Reply: Fastah

Now everything works fine...

Thank you

All replies (15) [ Posted:2012-7-25 4:35:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-190 Confusion.... Reply  

Please help with a couple of issues.

1) Your documentation states that the VP-190 can test DRAM and SRAM but I cannot find a way to do this. The DRAM/SRAM button is inactive. How can it be done ?

2) When testing 14 pin logic chips there is a pop up on the software stating some pins need to be jumperd. The text states that these are pins 31 and 32 but the picture shows pins 27 and 28 highlighted.  So which is it ?

Last post : Re:VP-190 Confusion.... Reply: cm
The programmer VP-190 is only sell in China.So there is not instroduction in the web. You can download the newest software in English. The software can distinguish the programmer automacticlly.
About jumper, we have modify the software, we modify the demo picture in the software,but when the user test them, you also need jumper as the software.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-7-29 10:16:21 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-590 Reply  
vp-590 windowns does not recognize the drive
Error after system update, what to do
Last post : Re:vp-590 Reply: lark
Please enter WELLON software, click ‘Help’->’Contents’, read chapter3.7 Error message ,’ If your programmer that had the function of update online lost its program, you can resume it’, do as what follows.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-8-3 5:55:14 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-990 Reply  
Hi. your new software dos not work for test uln2001,2,3 ...uln2803,4.... and maybe other devises !! this is really not good for you and your software team !!!!!
Last post : Re:VP-990 Reply: lxl
please download new soft.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-8-1 4:49:09 ] Edit Administer TOP"

wellon vp -380 Reply  
when i select the ic name (w39v040fapz) it shows w39v040fap*32 pl
or 32ps
what is the difference between these two
Last post : Re:wellon vp -380 Reply: lxl
w39v040fapz is lead free.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-8-1 17:11:00 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp-390 not working after failed update Reply  

My vp-390 no longer works after a failed system update.
I get no lights and when plugged in to my computer it says usb device bot recognized. Is there a way to recover from a failed update? If not would I be able to send this in for repair?

Last post : Re:Vp-390 not working Reply: hlark
Please enter WELLON software, click ‘Help’->’Contents’, read chapter3.7 Error message ,’ If your programmer that had the function of update online lost its program, you can resume it’, do as what follows.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-30 17:55:22 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Need update for PSOP44 Reply  
Hello i have just buy a wellon VP-390
and they didn"t work with the psop44 ( AM29F400BT)
they say my it"s a 48pin but it"s a 44pin
please help me
Last post : Re:VP-390 Need update for PSOP44 Reply: lxl
VP-390 only support TSOP48 package,do not support PSOP44 package.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-30 22:34:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

29F400BC support and adapter question Reply  
I have the VP990 programmer
I would like to read this chip:
F Malaysia 29F400BC-70-Y
Does it support this chip? because i can"t see the name of manufacturer in list
Which adapter do i need for this chip?


Last post : Re:29F400BC support and adapter question Reply: jin
Your programmer update failed. Please do the "system update" one more times. Please click "Help"-->"system update" and then according to the notice step by step.

All replies (11) [ Posted:2012-7-1 8:38:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Buffer - new functions Reply  
I"m user VP-990 programmer.
I want dump the contents of my buffer to plain txt file (not via pdf creator, files converter etc.).
Example (address, data, ascii)
000000  00 00 00 00 78 21 E0 1C 18 1E 00 00 00 00 00 00 ....x!&#211;.........
Is it possible to add function:
*direct dump buffer to notepad or clipboard or txt file
*GoTo address in BufferEditor ?.
[ The message is modified by kruPL ]
[ The message is modified by kruPL ]
Last post : Re:Buffer - new functions Reply: kruPL
I"ve found a solution.
I use Generic/TextOnly printer (page size 285*285mm).
Now I can go to the Editor, and print on virtual text printer (save to text file).
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-7-25 20:12:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-280 Reply  
I noticed the Mfg and Device ID values are not read correctly when I use my VP-280 with a SST 39SF040-70-4C-PHE.
Last post : Re:VP-280 Reply: jin
You can change another chip to try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-21 0:28:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

S29GL256P90FFSS7 Reply  
Hi , I have a VP890 and I need to program a Spansion ebga64, S29GL256P90FFSS7, It´s possible ? Can I use other model from software ? Tks
Last post : Re:S29GL256P90FFSS7 Reply: lxx
Please select S29GL256PxxFFI01 and try.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-17 9:22:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP990 and NAND HYNIX H27UBG8T2ATR Reply  
Hi! Could you add NAND HYNIX H27UBG8T2ATR to my programmer?
Datasheet HERE
Thank you!
Last post : Re:VP990 and NAND HYNIX H27UBG8T2ATR Reply: xerius
ok. i send email.
All replies (5) [ Posted:2012-7-13 14:08:09 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
Are vp-990 able to put the chips Basoord and delete with an explanation of the steps and Thank you
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxx
Sorry. Basoord? I don"t understand that you say.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-13 4:43:58 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP890 Advanced Mode Reply  
Dear Sir,
i think your products are made for professional user.
Why don"t you add an "Advanced Mode" (Offset settings,Voltage settings,Verify while write enable/disable mode,bad block indicator) so every user can create himself the right settings for new devices?
So every user could use his Wellon Programmer at Maximum of potentiality!!!
This could be the right way to create a database shared between all the users and you can save much work!!!

Could be really great

thank you very much for your precious time.

P.S. - is there a way to expand the Programmer Hardware buffer to be able to read/ write nand over or equal 4GB ? -

[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-7-12 23:39:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
What is the difference between wellon vp-990 and wellon vp890
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxx
VP-990 support more devices.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-11 8:05:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Anyone tried 74194 with VP-280 Reply  
All 74194 I tried failed, with error code :
 Expected: V0007:1111110G10CLLLHV
 Result : V0007:1111110G10CLLHHV
Anyone already tried this component ?
(FYI my programmer works fine with all other component)
Last post : Re:Anyone tried 74194 with VP-280 Reply: lxl
1.maybe your VP-280 is bad.
2 maybe your chip is partly bad
All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-7-8 18:48:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-290 and GAL22V10 Reply  
I have a VP-290 programmer. I am trying to program a Lattice GAL22V10 chip. It programs every fuse correctly except bit 44. I"ve tried using several different chips. I"ve altered the tPW setting. I"ve downloaded the Wellon software from the web. Any ideas why bit 44 never programs correctly?
Last post : Re:VP-290 and GAL22V10 Reply: lxl
please email its .jed file to weilong@weilei.com.cn
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-7-3 2:55:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Dead VP-280 after software update online Reply  
Hello.I was try to Software update online, and software frozen. After this, Programmer have only RER LED, PC and Software not recognize this device now. I download the lates from Download Aread but still this same problem.
Last post : Reply Reply: hlark
Please accord to WELLON software,click the list "Help"->"Contents",Chapter3.7 Error message,"If your programmer that had the function of update online lost its program, you can resume it".Do as what follows.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-6-27 16:44:26 ] Edit Administer TOP"

WL-SOJ42(400)-U1 Reply  
Hi.If possible , please send me the WL-SOJ42(400)-U1 schematic or datasheet.Thanks alot.
Last post : Re:WL-SOJ42(400)-U1 Reply: lxx
You can find it from software. "Help"--"Adapter"
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-6-23 23:01:36 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-990 Reply  
Hi. The latest software ,,System Update,, dos not work.I test with VP-990.
Last post : Re:VP-990 Reply: lxl
please download new soft.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-6-20 1:19:21 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ATMega8 Reply  
I have a problem when I want to reprogram an ATMega8 MCU,in VP390 programmer.
I suppose the problem is in inactive RESET pin. I suppose the algorithm doesn"t allow this situation.
Have you ever the same problem ?
Last post : Re:ATMega8 Reply: lxx
We do not find that.Please tell me your software version and your configuration setting.
All replies (5) [ Posted:2012-5-7 23:26:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-380 not working with PIC 16F84A Reply  
i tried programming PIC16F84A with wellon VP-380 programmer,it says programme "OK" display my setting as RC even when changed to Crystal.when i test the programmed chip it does nothing.how can i solve this problem? is it software or firmware problem and where can it be downloaded?
Last post : Re:vp-380 not working with PIC 16F84A Reply: gxj
I have tested this chip, but I did not find any problems. Please
send me your screen picture, include the error information.
All replies (4) [ Posted:2012-6-14 18:11:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP190 Reply  
I use the VP-190 programmer. Trying write on the SFP EEPROM ACE TECHNOLOGY. It always "failed" Can read but can not write. Looking on the website, it say support device ACE but look at Device selection I don"t see ACE on the list. Can somebody help me on selection device ?
Last post : Re:VP190 Reply: cm
Please downlaod the newest software in our website.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-6-18 12:29:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-990 Reply  
Hi.The latest software dose not work for testing AS4C256K16F0 & AS4C1M16F5 .
Last post : Re:VP-990 Reply: jin
We tested it OK with the latest software. You can choose the option "Insertion Test" first and then test them.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-6-16 18:54:18 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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