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VP-990 Reply  
Hi.The latest software dose not work for testing AS4C256K16F0 & AS4C1M16F5 .
Last post : Re:VP-990 Reply: jin
We tested it OK with the latest software. You can choose the option "Insertion Test" first and then test them.
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X-Gold 608 (PMB8878) Reply  
Hi guys , can you add this device to Wellon VP-890 programmer?

It"s a Infineon device and it places on the iphone like baseband chip but it"s possible program it by oher programmer (LabTool , UP2008) but i think the VP-890 is better!!!

Last post : Re:X-Gold 608 (PMB8878) Reply: jin
You can choose the type "PF38F3050L0YBQ0" to try. And change the VCC and vpp to 1.8V.

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VP-990 Reply  
Hi.I had try with latest software for testing AS4C256K16F0 & AS4C1M16F5 , but dose not work !
Last post : vp-380 not working with PIC 16F84A Reply: Brainman
i tried programming PIC16F84A with wellon VP-380 programmer,it says programme "OK" display my setting as RC even when changed to Crystal.when i test the programmed chip it does nothing.how can i solve this problem? is it software or firmware problem and where can it be downloaded?
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VP-990 Reply  
Hi.When I test AS4c256K16F0 & AS4C1M16F5 with my vp-990 , show: Test fail!I had try with new devices and end software update but dose not work.
[ The message is modified by farhad ]
Last post : Re:VP-990 Reply: jin
We have modified our software, please download our latest software to try.
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Vp890 Intel 28F320j3D 75 Reply  
Hi, I try to reprogram a Intel bga64 28F320 j3 D75. I use adapter WL-EBGA64-P-30 and not erase the flash. Programmer initiate success ! ERASE Fail 86,47sec. Its necessary change any setting ? I try with 3 flashs, and result is error. Tks
Last post : Re:Vp890 Intel 28F320j3D 75 Reply: jin
You can read the chip first. Then click "Config" and you can see the data of OTP area on the frame of "Edit Configuration".
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s29GL032N90FFIS1 and s29gl032N90FFIS2 Reply  
Hi , I need to program a Spansion ebga64, s29gl032N90FFIS1 and s29gl032N90FFIS2, flash. I have a VP890. It´s possible ? Can I use other model ? I use adapter WL-EBGA64-320+, tks
Last post : Re:s29GL032N90FFIS1 and s29gl032N90FFIS2 Reply: jin
Please try to choose S29GL032NxxFFI01 to write S29GL032N90FFIS1/2.
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Run-time error 3450 on VP980 Reply  
I found error in new software 4.4.0. When autodetect device (eprom) program detect device and when select device from list say: "Run-time error "3450": Syntax error in query. Incomplete query clause."
Second, please correct window sizes when autodetect device. If program give more than two types, must click right on arror to view full list of suggested devices. In old version these window sizes are higher and fit three or more devices
Last post : Re:Run-time error 3450 on VP980 Reply: Fastah
Just download last version 4.4.0 (29.05.2012), window size corrected but still Run-time error 3450 on autodetect device. I have WinXP Pro with SP3.
I will also test on another computer tomorrow and inform you.

Thank you

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VP-280 and 27C256 (PLCC) Reply  

I have the VP-280 programmer with the WL-PL32-U1 adapter.
I want to dump the content of a PLCC 27C256 but with the adapter the pins aren"t compatible with a DIP 27C256.
Is it possible to update the software/firmware for that ?

Last post : Re:VP-280 and 27C256 (PLCC) Reply: lxl
sorry,you need use WL-PL32-P2

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Program BIOS (ESMT F25L008A) w/ VP-280? Reply  
Hi, I want to program an SPI/SPROM BIOS-chip (taken from ECS A780GM-A Mainboard) = ESMTF25L008A-50. I tried different chips from the database (like EON 25T80), but I can"t program the chip. I can read and erase the chip without problems. But programming won"t work. Is there a way to solve this problem? I am using VP-280 (Firmware v12.0).
Last post : Re: Reply: cm
The chip F25L080 is different from EN2T80. The programmer VP-280 didin"t support F25L080.
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VP890 and Attiny88PA Reply  
Hi, I need use a security, FUSES, but not works for me, any hits ?
Last post : Re:VP890 and Attiny88PA Reply: guliver
Ok, problem solved, thks
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-5-26 14:09:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Reading/Writing to MX29LV320DBTI-70G Reply  
Hello, I Have a VP-480 (f/w 12.0) and I am having problems recognising a 48pin TSOP. It is a MX29LV320DBTI-70G. The problem is that I can"t read or write to it as it keeps failing to detect pin 37. I have tried this on several of these TSOPs and exactly the same, yet if I put a Spansion S29AL032D90TF into the same adaptor it reads and writes fine. Is there some protection on this chip? Will I be able to read and program to it? Thank you :)
Last post : Re:Reading/Writing to MX29LV320DBTI-70G Reply: lxl
There is not protection on this chip.you can disable "Insertion Test".
if program fail,maybe your chip is bad
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VP-290 Install Problem Reply  
When I try to install the product under XP I get the message
"An error occurred during the installation of the device
A service installation section in INF is invalid"

When I try to install the device under Windows 7 I get the message
"Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware (Code 39)"
Driver date 9/12/2009

What can I do to get the product working under either OS.
Last post : Re:VP-290 Install Problem Reply: lxx
Please try again. If not, please download from http://www.programatory.pl

All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-5-22 14:58:15 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR Reply  
Dear Sir, i really need support to read/program this nand. Please help me. I know you can do it.THANK YOU VERY MUCH
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Last post : Re:Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR Reply: jin
Sorry, we can"t support the chip like so large capacity.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-24 13:54:00 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
I request you to explain the history list in the new program"s interface and I request you to explain how the use of note that I used vp990
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxx
When you select a chip and click "OK", history list will have a record.When you select the chip next, you can select it from history list.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-25 5:52:05 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
I request you to explain the history list in the new program"s interface and I request you to explain how the use of note that I used vp990
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-5-25 6:04:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp 990 Reply  
aiman said
vp 990  an82527
Last post : Re:vp 990 Reply: lxl
this chip do not need program.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-24 1:57:32 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-280 - problem writing 27128 Reply  
Hi, I have four eproms NMC27CP128Q250.
I tried to write them all with my VP-280 but without success.
I always erase them first (blank check OK) and use the AC adapter.

The error I get is this:
>>Device Address:000100H Device Data:E1H Buffer Address:000100H Buffer Data:E9H
>>Program fail!
>> 1,03Sec

I appreciate any help, thanks.
Last post : Re:VP-280 - problem writing 27128 Reply: lxl
Maybe the chip is bad,usually this chip is older

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-21 8:43:47 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP 890 install problem Reply  
I HAVE VP890 PROGRAMMER.my programmer is all ok using old soft.
now i update ver 4.4.0 ver, It is not working..Installation is completed.but i run the program,it is open ok,i select chip,it show this message "Run-time error_2147024769(8007007 f)automation error.the specified procedure could not be found."
"run time error"13".type mismatch."
what problem.
Last post : Re:VP 890 install problem Reply: cm
Our software have some .dll of windows system. So, please download the windows system patch in the web, include SP3 and other system patch.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-19 18:19:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-890 to vp-990 Reply  
is it possible to upgrade vp-890 to vp-990
does vp-890 and vp-990 work with the same software
[ The message is modified by daddy ]
Last post : Re:vp-890 to vp-990 Reply: lxx
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-17 10:31:14 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 Xilinx problems (SOLVED) Reply  
i am trying to program a Coolrunner CPLD XC2C64 with TQFP adapter....but it fails!!! i am trying svf files and don"t work but SEEMS works with jed files.
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Last post : Re:VP-890 Xilinx problems Reply: ciariello
i tried it and it works with X2C64A ...great job
All replies (24) [ Posted:2012-3-16 15:04:27 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 add Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR Reply  
hi to everyone, soon will arrive to me from china my new Wellon VP-890 but reading the devices list i noticed that H27UBG8T2ATR misses.
Is it possible add it ?
thank you very much
Last post : Re:VP-890 add Hynix H27UBG8T2ATR Reply: ciariello
Then the VP-890 can read flash until 1Gb max?

if you could add it....will be really great

thanks for your great support

[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-3-5 19:52:00 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 Phison PS7000 Reply  
hi could you add Phison PS7000 to my programmer? I think is an eMMC device. Could be really great....thank you
Last post : Re:VP-890 Phison PS7000 Reply: lxl
please offer its datasheet
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-12 3:22:34 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-980 latest firmware Reply  
Please tell me latest firmware revision of VP-980. I have v9.0 and Software update on 4.3.2 or later say message "During system update do not put off programmer power !" and can push System Update or Cancel. Does my programmer can be updated?

Thank you.

[ The message is modified by Fastah ]
Last post : Re:VP-980 latest firmware Reply: hlarkhlark
If your programmer works well, you needn"t to update the firmware version.If it doesn"t work well, you can try to update it to the newest firmware version.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-7 4:50:58 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Top2007 Reply  
I am using Top2007 need support
Last post : Re:Top2007 Reply: lxl
Sorry,it is not our product.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-5-4 21:39:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

hy27us081 Reply  
with which product can i program this ?
Last post : Re:hy27us081 Reply: lxl
VP-990 GP-10/20/201
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-4 11:24:44 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-290 communication error Reply  
our brand new VP290 doesn"t work:
We tried to program P89V51RD2BN and P89C51RD2HBP DIL40, brand new!
Step "Blank check" is o.k.
Step "Erase" is done without errors
Step "Program" is done without errors
Step "verify" says: communication error (In the big output window)
Sometimes a message appears like "Need AC Adaptor" even when the AC Adaptor is connected (Supplies the 9V DC, o.k.)

Initialization was o.k.
All tests o.k. (5V, 12V, system...)
Last post : Re:VP-290 communication error Reply: lxl
Please run the "system update" in the menu "help".

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-5-2 19:29:13 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 isn"t programming uP Attiny26L Reply  
I have got VP-390. When I choose Atmel Attiny26L and I want to program this uP, VP-390 always shows VERIFY Error. When I would like to read ATTINY26L VP-390 reads everytime something different - random values.

VP-390 shows proper connection to my PC. But it isn"t working at all with this Attiny26L. My Attiny"s were tested and they are ok.

I need help.

Should I send my VP-390 to seller or there is a problem with software. Do I need update ?
Last post : Re:VP-390 isn Reply: Diamentino
Now is OK. Thank you very much :)))

All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-4-26 23:50:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

please help me!!!!!!!!! Reply  
i have a problem with my programmer vp380 ;
programmer initializing failure, possible causes :
1-there are device on the socket.
2-the programmer"s some function is disable !
warning ! device program maybe fail!

what can i do !!!??, please help
Last post : Re:please help me!!!!!!!!! Reply: hlark
When it shows errors as what you said,please click "ignore" until the programmer initiates success.Then please click list of "TEST" -->self_test, and click "test"on the dialog box.Please tell me the detailed error message, you can print screen and send it to me(lark@weilei.com.cn).

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-4-26 20:39:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

dram test Reply  
Please when i test a dram mn4164 with my vp890 ,it make error ever. I have tried with more chips (all working on another programmer), but on vp890 are all bad.
Last post : Re:dram test Reply: lxx
Please download new software.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-4-14 23:55:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Read M28w160B Reply  
link datashet
plis submit M28W160B,new chip.old chip noit read..
programer VP890.
Last post : Re:Read M28w160B Reply: separator
send mail.photo..
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-4-12 18:26:56 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ChangeLog for new software release Reply  
Why don"y you add a "readme file" with change log for every new software release?
Last post : Re:ChangeLog for new software release Reply: lxl
please download new soft.
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-4-6 13:30:17 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
Hello required to add these definitions and support the Russian company quickly Thank you very much K1601RR3
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxl
please offer datasheet.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-4-11 17:53:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

WELLON VP-890 Reply  
Hello guys,

I"m using Wellon VP-890 and i want to program Lattice PALCE22V10H-25PC/4 from a JEDEC file saved from AMD PALCE22V10H-25PC/4...but the problem is when i press "Prog" button,this error appear:

>>Erase OK!
>>Device Address:000006  Device Data: 1  Buffer Data: 0
>>Program fail!
>> 7.74Sec


Tq. wordword


[ The message is modified by zaim ]
Last post : Re:WELLON VP-890 Reply: cm
Please modify the parameter tpw from 20ms to 40ms. Please try it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-4-3 18:25:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Support for HN482732AG Reply  
Hi.I"m missing support of HN482732AG eprom on my VP-280. Can this be added please?
Last post : Re:Support for HN482732AG Reply: Peter
Worked... Is there any good way to crossreference like this? Thank you.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-4-3 22:55:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

question about programming Reply  
with vp-890 if i program a nand flash WITHOUT flag Program/Verify can i write "normally" but without simoultanius verify? Because when i try to do this the SW and the Programmer DON"T write the nand but if i flag the Program/Verify option thenall works normally.can i use my programmer in a more free way?the SW seems too locked and not allow custom operations.my FW version is 10.0 is it the last?
thanks again
Last post : Re:question about programming Reply: ciariello
PLS made the same correction for Samsung K9F1G0U0B (no verify during flashing) I NEED FOR MY JOB ! ! ! PLS ! ! !
and the xilinx XC2C64A svf correction PLS PLS
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-3-29 1:08:57 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Wellon VP380 Reply  
I have a Wellon VP-380. Is possible to add Samsung K9F2G08UOA, 256 MB flash.
Last post : Re:Wellon VP380 Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-380 can not support K9F2G08UOA
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-4-1 23:17:35 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Skip BAD BLOCKS on nand Reply  
hi is it possible skip bad block on nand when read/program with VP-890 ?
Last post : Re:Skip BAD BLOCKS on nand Reply: ciariello
mmm...no i am no a manufacturer i am only your custmer and i think can be a good idea to give the possibility to choose whether to use the simultaneous VERIFY or not. i think is better (i know is more slow) verify at the end of programming so you solve the bad block nand problems.we know 60-70% of nand chips has bad block(it"s normal) and would be a nice feature CAN to choose
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
All replies (5) [ Posted:2012-3-26 22:46:28 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Hello everyone i have some problems with VP-390......i cant programm
TSOP48 :

.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:000004AEH Device Data:B8FFH Buffer Data:B864H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 9,77Sec
Last post : Re:VP-390 HOW TO PROGRAMM TSOP48 Reply: jin
Which chip do you want to write? And which adapter you used?

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-3-29 13:13:59 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 NOR problems (SOLVED) Reply  
hi to averyone,
today my vp-890 is arrived.when i try to WRITE NOR chips it gve me an error of comunication.
i can read and erase them but i can"t write it.
i tried with _ spansion s29gl128p90tfir2 - samsung k8p2716uzc (TSOP56 both) and i used the adaptor : WL-TSOP56-A641 WL-TSOP56-A641N(both name on the same adaptor) - SW version 4.3.4 FW 10.0.
i bought this programmer to flash this NOR and the reseller said to me VP890 = VP990 (VP-890 sell only in china but the same of 990)word
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Last post : Re:VP-890 NOR problems(SOLVED) Reply: ciariello
i solved my problem with Samsung NOR.A little "bridge" missed on the adapter.Checked with my multimeter and pin29(Vio) wasn"t connected to the Vcc.Made a little "bridge" and and now all is OK.But why Spansion "WORKS WITHOUT BRIDGE"? mistery....
All replies (13) [ Posted:2012-3-16 0:17:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Can you plz add Spansion S29GL128P to VP490 list ?

Reply the message [ Posted:2012-3-24 6:06:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-490 Reply  
I have mrb vp-490, but lost cd pc, but do I want to rebuild collapsed.
Last post : Re:vp-490 Reply: cm
Usually, if the chip have config program function, the software will add extra 16byte automatically, and save the config data in it. So you can look at extra line.
If you didn’t save the config data in the file. When you save the data, you can modify “To Buffer Addr” and “Buffer Size” in the ”Save Buffer To A File” window.
If the chip didn"t have config program function, there is not extra line.
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-3-5 19:52:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 file extra line? Reply  

Why does Vp 490 read an extra line ans save it .

On every chip i did a read it gives an extra line .

This counts for all eeprom i did read off.

I even did update on software and still the same problem .

I attach a jpeg file to explain my problem .

(((How do i attach a file from my computor on here?????

If some one knows how to attach easy way it will be helpfull..

Last post : Re:VP-490 file extra line? Reply: cm
Usually, if the chip have config program function, the software will add extra 16byte automatically, and save the config data in it. So you can look at extra line.
If you didn’t save the config data in the file. When you save the data, you can modify “To Buffer Addr” and “Buffer Size” in the ”Save Buffer To A File” window.
If the chip didn"t have config program function, there is not extra line.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-3-21 6:34:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP280 can read but not write/erase Reply  
My VP280 can read but not write/erase. All devices work with other programmers so I know VP280 is faulty.Tried Wellon 4.3.4 (and older) on multiple PCs. VP280 firmware 9.0. All self-tests run ok and all VCC/VPP voltages are ok.
Firmware upgrade: Link LED flashes green 3 times, G/E LED is off, Wellon hangs.Tried J1 (short J1, connect USB, run Wellon) but cannot communicate with VP280. Link LED is off, G/E LED is red.
I cannot see obvious faults inside. Can you suggest any components to replace?
Last post : Re:VP280 can read but not write/erase Reply: hlark
The carriage is about 55 to 80 us dollars by FED from China to UK.
All replies (8) [ Posted:2012-3-14 23:11:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-280 error Reply  
i can"t program, read, verify, etc... "programmer trouble!ID:128A089C2DC96ED4" is appearing. but when i click "self-test" it says "system test OK!" i checked the VCC, VPP, its all good. please help me with this   issue. i only used my vp-280 for 2 days, thank you.
Last post : Re:vp-280 error Reply: hlark
The maintenance costs is 10 to 70 US dollars,according to the bad device model;and the carriage is about 66 to 90 us dollars by FED from China to saudi arabia.
All replies (14) [ Posted:2012-3-6 4:43:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp-280 not supported in latest ver.64bit Reply  
Hi.I had the program version form late 2011. Everything worked fine. I desided to update to the latest version by downloading it from the website. After uninstall of old version and install of newest version I can not ID eproms. Error message says it"s unable to use database from older version. Also VP-280 not in the list of devices if I start program without vp-280 connected and press ignore. I run Win7 64-bit.
Last post : Re:Vp-280 not supported in latest... Reply: pppppppp
Found version 4.3.3 online.
Removed everything called Wellon i registry.
Installed 4.3.3.
Works again.
All replies (4) [ Posted:2012-3-13 2:35:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 PIC12C508/P04 Reply  
My VP-490 can"t erase a PIC12C508-04/p. The "erase" icon is disabled.

Last post : Re:VP-490 PIC12C508/P04 Reply: hemvlett
...So it"s a good reason!!! ;)


All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-3-9 8:05:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Intel DT28f320s3110 programming failed Reply  

I have a problem programming intel flash chip DT28F320S3110. First I had error at erasing but after I updated software today, ERASE/READ is OK but programming failed. Please help. I have a VP-490 programmer.
Last post : Re:Intel DT28f320s3110 program failed Reply: jin
Please connect the AC adapter first. And if it still failed, you can choose "Slow Program/Read" to try.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-3-6 0:13:53 ] Edit Administer TOP"

A290021T and VP-590 - no erase Reply  
I"m using VP-590 with sortware version 4.3.2 for Windows 7 32bit. I can read the chips OK, but cannot erase. The erase process takes 250 seconds or so, but the blank verify always fails. Reading the chip then shows the same original data. What"s wrong?
[ The message is modified by DevoDave ]
Last post : Re:A290021T and VP-590 - no erase Reply: DevoDave
Good news... the chip erases!

Bad news... the program times out after 50 to 80 seconds and reports "Needs AC Adapter" and gived a "communications error".

(But at least the chip erases!)

All replies (18) [ Posted:2011-6-10 14:40:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 PIC16F73 Reply  
I have found another chip that does not work with this programmer.
I cannot erase a PIC16F73.

>>Man.Code:29  Dev. Code:60 
>>.Blank Check......
>>Device Address:000000H Device Data:0047H Buffer Address:000000H Buffer Data:3FFFH
>>Erase fail!
>> 0.77Sec

Please fix.
Version 4.3.4(17/02/2012) Software
Version 15.0 Programmer Firmware
I am running Windows 7 64bit.

Last post : Re:VP-390 PIC16F73 Reply: lxx
Please download the new software.

All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-2-29 19:27:27 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ST 93S46 insertion test problem Reply  
All the chips 93S46, when i try to read, insertion test says the pins are not connected properly, all the other chips like 24C04 and 93C56 are OK, only this model 93S46 always the same, it says the contacts are not connected properly
Can you fix this issue please?

Last post : Re:ST 93S46 insertion test problem Reply: cm
I think your chip is not standard chip, the chip pin is whirling. Please select the chip 93C46CX, and try it.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-29 4:38:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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