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ChangeLog for new software release Reply  
Why don"y you add a "readme file" with change log for every new software release?
Last post : Re:ChangeLog for new software release Reply: lxl
please download new soft.
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vp-990 Reply  
aiman said
Hello required to add these definitions and support the Russian company quickly Thank you very much K1601RR3
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxl
please offer datasheet.
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WELLON VP-890 Reply  
Hello guys,

I"m using Wellon VP-890 and i want to program Lattice PALCE22V10H-25PC/4 from a JEDEC file saved from AMD PALCE22V10H-25PC/4...but the problem is when i press "Prog" button,this error appear:

>>Erase OK!
>>Device Address:000006  Device Data: 1  Buffer Data: 0
>>Program fail!
>> 7.74Sec


Tq. wordword


[ The message is modified by zaim ]
Last post : Re:WELLON VP-890 Reply: cm
Please modify the parameter tpw from 20ms to 40ms. Please try it.
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Support for HN482732AG Reply  
Hi.I"m missing support of HN482732AG eprom on my VP-280. Can this be added please?
Last post : Re:Support for HN482732AG Reply: Peter
Worked... Is there any good way to crossreference like this? Thank you.
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question about programming Reply  
with vp-890 if i program a nand flash WITHOUT flag Program/Verify can i write "normally" but without simoultanius verify? Because when i try to do this the SW and the Programmer DON"T write the nand but if i flag the Program/Verify option thenall works normally.can i use my programmer in a more free way?the SW seems too locked and not allow custom operations.my FW version is 10.0 is it the last?
thanks again
Last post : Re:question about programming Reply: ciariello
PLS made the same correction for Samsung K9F1G0U0B (no verify during flashing) I NEED FOR MY JOB ! ! ! PLS ! ! !
and the xilinx XC2C64A svf correction PLS PLS
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Wellon VP380 Reply  
I have a Wellon VP-380. Is possible to add Samsung K9F2G08UOA, 256 MB flash.
Last post : Re:Wellon VP380 Reply: lxl
sorry, VP-380 can not support K9F2G08UOA
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Skip BAD BLOCKS on nand Reply  
hi is it possible skip bad block on nand when read/program with VP-890 ?
Last post : Re:Skip BAD BLOCKS on nand Reply: ciariello
mmm...no i am no a manufacturer i am only your custmer and i think can be a good idea to give the possibility to choose whether to use the simultaneous VERIFY or not. i think is better (i know is more slow) verify at the end of programming so you solve the bad block nand problems.we know 60-70% of nand chips has bad block(it"s normal) and would be a nice feature CAN to choose
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
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Hello everyone i have some problems with VP-390......i cant programm
TSOP48 :

.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:000004AEH Device Data:B8FFH Buffer Data:B864H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 9,77Sec
Last post : Re:VP-390 HOW TO PROGRAMM TSOP48 Reply: jin
Which chip do you want to write? And which adapter you used?

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VP-890 NOR problems (SOLVED) Reply  
hi to averyone,
today my vp-890 is arrived.when i try to WRITE NOR chips it gve me an error of comunication.
i can read and erase them but i can"t write it.
i tried with _ spansion s29gl128p90tfir2 - samsung k8p2716uzc (TSOP56 both) and i used the adaptor : WL-TSOP56-A641 WL-TSOP56-A641N(both name on the same adaptor) - SW version 4.3.4 FW 10.0.
i bought this programmer to flash this NOR and the reseller said to me VP890 = VP990 (VP-890 sell only in china but the same of 990)word
[ The message is modified by ciariello ]
Last post : Re:VP-890 NOR problems(SOLVED) Reply: ciariello
i solved my problem with Samsung NOR.A little "bridge" missed on the adapter.Checked with my multimeter and pin29(Vio) wasn"t connected to the Vcc.Made a little "bridge" and and now all is OK.But why Spansion "WORKS WITHOUT BRIDGE"? mistery....
All replies (13) [ Posted:2012-3-16 0:17:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Can you plz add Spansion S29GL128P to VP490 list ?

Reply the message [ Posted:2012-3-24 6:06:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-490 Reply  
I have mrb vp-490, but lost cd pc, but do I want to rebuild collapsed.
Last post : Re:vp-490 Reply: cm
Usually, if the chip have config program function, the software will add extra 16byte automatically, and save the config data in it. So you can look at extra line.
If you didn’t save the config data in the file. When you save the data, you can modify “To Buffer Addr” and “Buffer Size” in the ”Save Buffer To A File” window.
If the chip didn"t have config program function, there is not extra line.
All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-3-5 19:52:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 file extra line? Reply  

Why does Vp 490 read an extra line ans save it .

On every chip i did a read it gives an extra line .

This counts for all eeprom i did read off.

I even did update on software and still the same problem .

I attach a jpeg file to explain my problem .

(((How do i attach a file from my computor on here?????

If some one knows how to attach easy way it will be helpfull..

Last post : Re:VP-490 file extra line? Reply: cm
Usually, if the chip have config program function, the software will add extra 16byte automatically, and save the config data in it. So you can look at extra line.
If you didn’t save the config data in the file. When you save the data, you can modify “To Buffer Addr” and “Buffer Size” in the ”Save Buffer To A File” window.
If the chip didn"t have config program function, there is not extra line.

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VP280 can read but not write/erase Reply  
My VP280 can read but not write/erase. All devices work with other programmers so I know VP280 is faulty.Tried Wellon 4.3.4 (and older) on multiple PCs. VP280 firmware 9.0. All self-tests run ok and all VCC/VPP voltages are ok.
Firmware upgrade: Link LED flashes green 3 times, G/E LED is off, Wellon hangs.Tried J1 (short J1, connect USB, run Wellon) but cannot communicate with VP280. Link LED is off, G/E LED is red.
I cannot see obvious faults inside. Can you suggest any components to replace?
Last post : Re:VP280 can read but not write/erase Reply: hlark
The carriage is about 55 to 80 us dollars by FED from China to UK.
All replies (8) [ Posted:2012-3-14 23:11:49 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-280 error Reply  
i can"t program, read, verify, etc... "programmer trouble!ID:128A089C2DC96ED4" is appearing. but when i click "self-test" it says "system test OK!" i checked the VCC, VPP, its all good. please help me with this   issue. i only used my vp-280 for 2 days, thank you.
Last post : Re:vp-280 error Reply: hlark
The maintenance costs is 10 to 70 US dollars,according to the bad device model;and the carriage is about 66 to 90 us dollars by FED from China to saudi arabia.
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Vp-280 not supported in latest ver.64bit Reply  
Hi.I had the program version form late 2011. Everything worked fine. I desided to update to the latest version by downloading it from the website. After uninstall of old version and install of newest version I can not ID eproms. Error message says it"s unable to use database from older version. Also VP-280 not in the list of devices if I start program without vp-280 connected and press ignore. I run Win7 64-bit.
Last post : Re:Vp-280 not supported in latest... Reply: pppppppp
Found version 4.3.3 online.
Removed everything called Wellon i registry.
Installed 4.3.3.
Works again.
All replies (4) [ Posted:2012-3-13 2:35:50 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-490 PIC12C508/P04 Reply  
My VP-490 can"t erase a PIC12C508-04/p. The "erase" icon is disabled.

Last post : Re:VP-490 PIC12C508/P04 Reply: hemvlett
...So it"s a good reason!!! ;)


All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-3-9 8:05:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Intel DT28f320s3110 programming failed Reply  

I have a problem programming intel flash chip DT28F320S3110. First I had error at erasing but after I updated software today, ERASE/READ is OK but programming failed. Please help. I have a VP-490 programmer.
Last post : Re:Intel DT28f320s3110 program failed Reply: jin
Please connect the AC adapter first. And if it still failed, you can choose "Slow Program/Read" to try.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-3-6 0:13:53 ] Edit Administer TOP"

A290021T and VP-590 - no erase Reply  
I"m using VP-590 with sortware version 4.3.2 for Windows 7 32bit. I can read the chips OK, but cannot erase. The erase process takes 250 seconds or so, but the blank verify always fails. Reading the chip then shows the same original data. What"s wrong?
[ The message is modified by DevoDave ]
Last post : Re:A290021T and VP-590 - no erase Reply: DevoDave
Good news... the chip erases!

Bad news... the program times out after 50 to 80 seconds and reports "Needs AC Adapter" and gived a "communications error".

(But at least the chip erases!)

All replies (18) [ Posted:2011-6-10 14:40:55 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 PIC16F73 Reply  
I have found another chip that does not work with this programmer.
I cannot erase a PIC16F73.

>>Man.Code:29  Dev. Code:60 
>>.Blank Check......
>>Device Address:000000H Device Data:0047H Buffer Address:000000H Buffer Data:3FFFH
>>Erase fail!
>> 0.77Sec

Please fix.
Version 4.3.4(17/02/2012) Software
Version 15.0 Programmer Firmware
I am running Windows 7 64bit.

Last post : Re:VP-390 PIC16F73 Reply: lxx
Please download the new software.

All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-2-29 19:27:27 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ST 93S46 insertion test problem Reply  
All the chips 93S46, when i try to read, insertion test says the pins are not connected properly, all the other chips like 24C04 and 93C56 are OK, only this model 93S46 always the same, it says the contacts are not connected properly
Can you fix this issue please?

Last post : Re:ST 93S46 insertion test problem Reply: cm
I think your chip is not standard chip, the chip pin is whirling. Please select the chip 93C46CX, and try it.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-29 4:38:46 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp890 = Vp990 Reply  
Hello, The Wellon Vp890 same Vp990 ? Or the device quantity of VP-990 is more than VP-890 ? Tks
Last post : Re:Vp890 = Vp990 Reply: cm
Hello.The programmer VP-890 only sell in China. The programmer VP-990 sell in oversea. The device quantity of VP-990 is more than VP-890.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-28 1:31:07 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Windows7 Reply  
Hello good day I"m still having a problem installing the software in the VP-990 windows7, I tried to install on other notebooks and also had no success it seems that the problem of software and compatibility with windows7, since in windows xp it works perfectly, I"m waiting for help in what you"ve done but not recommended solution.
Last post : Re:Windows7 Reply: cm
Our software can run in the windows7 64bit or 32bit. We test them in our software. There is not any problem.If it can"t run in your computer, please email wellon@weilei.com.cn, and tell your problem in details.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-25 22:29:08 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Am29F010 with serctors protected Reply  
Hi. I have some Am29F010 flash memory with hardware sector protected. This not allow erase and program protected sectors, so the devices are in "read only" mode. I cant"t find any command in the software to do protect/unprotect sectors. I have Wellon VP-280 with last firmware. Is possible do it with this hardware?. Regards.
Last post : Re:Am29F010 with serctors protected Reply: lxl
sorry,because hardware, VP-280 do not support to do protect/unprotect sectors of Am29F010.VP-590/990 support
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-25 9:45:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

LINK blue light not ON !! VP990 Reply  
Today, i wanted to use my programmer, connected it to my PC as usual, the blue LINK light does not come on, only the G/E light
What is the problem please?
It"s a new VP990 and i have only used it 5 times !!

I tried in my other laptop and tried another USB cable, same problem !

Let me know please

Here is a photo:



[ The message is modified by benaknoun ]
[ The message is modified by benaknoun ]
Last post : Re:LINK blue light not ON !! VP990 Reply: benaknoun
OK Thanks
I will keep an eye on it
All replies (10) [ Posted:2012-2-7 6:27:29 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp490 Reply  
Sorry for previous post, it was my mistake. I want to know, if VP490 supports 29f400 PSOP44. Thanks for reply.
Last post : Re:vp490 Reply: lxl
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-24 18:35:11 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Am29F400BT PSOP44 on wp490 Reply  
What is the difference between vp490 and vp590? Does the vp390 support Am29f400PSOP44? Thanks. I know, that vp 590 supports it.
Last post : Re:Am29F400BT PSOP44 on wp490 Reply: lxx
VP-490 is only saled in China.
VP-390 do not support Am29f400 PSOP44.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-24 16:28:57 ] Edit Administer TOP"

isp1016E on VP990 Reply  
Hi. I bought a VP990 and i"m trying to read a isp1016E from the ISP adapter but it always show me a message that there is no chip on the socket but if i invert the ISP cable on the VP990 conector, it shows me the screen with the terminals in ZIF conected... Am I doing something wrong?! OBS: there is a ISP conector on the board.
Last post : Re:isp1016E on VP990 Reply: lxx
We do not support 1016E"s ISP program.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-23 18:35:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

STM32F105 Read problem Reply  
Hello everyone.

Is there anyone who can read the .hex or .bin firmware out of a
READ OUT PROTECTED Stm32f105 chip for me? I live in beijing and
have no problem for paying the payments.
Thanks guys.

Reply the message [ Posted:2012-2-22 19:38:09 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Windows7 Reply  
Hello, good evening someone can help me because I"m having trouble installing the updates on windows7, I can not install any because it removes the previous install and leaves no more, can someone tell me if you have any problems with this software, because I tried everything and failed. I look for help.
Last post : Re:Windows7 Reply: cm
Please download the newest software from our website, and try it.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-2-20 7:21:14 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 PIC16F716 Reply  

I am getting an error when trying to program a PIC16F716. I have tried several different IC"s of the same type without success.
I can program OK on my TOP2004 programmer but my new Wellon VP-390 does not work with this IC.

Every second erase fails. Every write fails.

Please help fix this issue.
Last post : Re:VP-390 PIC16F716 Reply: nathan
The latest version has fixed the issue.
Thank you for your persistence.

All replies (12) [ Posted:2012-2-13 19:16:16 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Windows 7 Wellon problems Reply  
Hy, today I tried to install wellon software on my pc. I have windows 7 and when I try to open wellon software an error comes. (run-time error"6": Overflow). I start the software combined with windows xp service pack 3 and 2, but there is still that problem. Please help me.
Last post : Re:Windows 7 Wellon problems Reply: benaknoun
Try to re-install the software from the download section of the website, and then install the USB driver if necessary

Good luck

All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-2-14 20:42:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

xc9572 Reply  
I try to program xc9572 plcc44
the erase is ok
program fail,
edit the xc9572 only numbers one
What could be wrong?
thank you.
Last post : Re:xc9572 Reply: elek
yes I was using xc9572 plcc44. Thanks.
All replies (2) [ Posted:2012-2-11 13:32:03 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Am29F400BT PSOP44 on w390? Reply  
Is it possible to read/write this flash eprom by this programmer? I just bought it and I am in doubt, if it will work. I have the correct adapter - PSOP44 U1. Thanks for reply.
Last post : Re:Am29F400BT PSOP44 on w390? Reply: lxl
VP-390 do not support Am29F400BT SOP44 packaage
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-10 18:24:38 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Motorola MC68HC05 series Reply  
Is with wellon-WP480 possible read Motorola MC68HC05 series (MC68HC05B16)?
Last post : Re:Motorola MC68HC05 series Reply: lxx
VP-480 don"t read MC68HC05.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-7 19:26:59 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Wellon software crashes my computer Reply  
I have noticed that everytime i leave my VP990 connected to the computer, after a short time, the computer crashes and switches off by itself!
I have windows 7 64bit,

Any ideas what the problem might be ?

Last post : Re:Wellon software crashes my computer Reply: cm
Sometime, if the operation system have problem, the programmer can"t
communicate with computer normally.So please test the programemr with the other computer.If the result is OK, I think you have to install system again.If the result is error, Please run "self_test",and test the programmer and measure the VCC voltage.

All replies (7) [ Posted:2012-2-3 8:01:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

E28F640J3 TSOP56 Support Reply  
I am trying to read E28F640J3 made from INTEL with VP990, all i get is
FF F7 FF F7 FF F7 FF F7 on all buffer editor
Can someone check the support of this chip please?

Thank you very much
Last post : Re:E28F640J3 TSOP56 Support Reply: benaknoun
OK thanks
I have sent back the WL-TSOP56-A641N to the official supplier and they will send me the correct one, when i receive it i will test again the chip and hopefully it will work
Will let you know

Thanks again

All replies (7) [ Posted:2012-2-3 5:25:04 ] Edit Administer TOP"

TTL/CMOS Tests All Fail on Good Chips Reply  
Received Wellon VP-290 today.
My Software version 4.3.4 on Windows XP . Firmware Ver 5.0
Blue Link LED is lit, G/E LED is not lit.

Try to test CMOS CD4051BE but it fails every chip. I am testing known good chips. I am using 4051 test. Tried other CMOS but they fail too.

After clicking Test -> TTL CMOS Test a screen pops up that says "Pin Map. P27 and P28 have yellow color in box. Other boxes are white

What is wrong with my unit? .
Last post : Re:TTL/CMOS Tests All Fail on Good Chips Reply: andymcg2
I have tested the programmer further and I have come to the conclusion that it is faulty. The self test is now intermittently failing. I am unable to program anything.

I am very disappointed in the quality of the product and support that I have received thus far.

I have returned the programmer to the individual I have purchased it from.

All replies (7) [ Posted:2012-2-1 2:35:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Please add support for K6X4008C1F-GB70 Reply  
Sr Plankton
Can you please add support for K6X4008C1F-GB70 on the GP-20? I see you already have K6T4008C1.....

Last post : Re: add support for K6X4008C1F-GB70 Reply: lxl
please download new soft late

All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-7 5:44:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

29F8100 Reply  
Hi, can you please add support for the 29F8100 family of chips to the software? I need support for the MX29F8100 44-pin SOP in the VP-890 specifically. Here is a datasheet:


Last post : Re:29F8100 Reply: jcsmith23
Hi, it seems to be working now. There seems to be a delay in how I can download the software. It is as if I always download 1 version back. I downloaded it today which should be the "2012-02-06" version but it shows up as 02-01 version in my software. I think there is some caching issue on the server.

All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-1-31 4:19:06 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Problem with ST24C04W6 on VP990 Reply  
I have a new VP990
I am trying to read a ST 24C04W6 SOIC8 chip placed correctly on the correct adapter, all i get is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
I have placed the chip exactly the same way on my other programmer GQ-4X and it reads OK
I have tried with device selection of M24C04, M24C04-R, M24C04-W,
ST24C04, ST24C04-R
And it is the same problem, only get FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

What could be the problem please?

Can you help? thanks
Last post : Re:Problem with ST24C04W6 on VP990 Reply: benaknoun
As i said above, i have already downloaded, but on your homepage, software updates news, only shows the old version, i must go to "download" section to check!

Can we make the buffer editor window bigger or not?
And how often do you release software updates?

Thank you very much

All replies (6) [ Posted:2012-1-31 5:12:59 ] Edit Administer TOP"

software vp990 Reply  
Hello good evening I wanted to know if you like you include in the software 990 Vp the comparison function in automatic mode as functions of blank check to check and others.
Last post : Re:software vp990 Reply: cm
Hello!I am sorry, we can"t add the comparison function in the automatic mode. The verify function compare the chip data and the buffer data. So it needn"t add the comparion function in the automatic mode.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-2-3 7:53:44 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ISPGAL 22V10 Reply  
Can support be added for ISPGAL 22V10 Programming?  I can program normal GAL 22V10 but not ISPGAL 22V10.
Last post : Re:ISPGAL 22V10 Reply: lxl
sorry, we don"t find its programming algorithm.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2012-1-27 6:38:02 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-480 and SST25VF032B Reply  
We have trouble with programming SST25VF032B on wellon vp-480.
Programming is interrupted after just 5-6 seconds with the message "ok", but the chip is empty ?
Last post : Re:vp-480 and SST25VF032B Reply: lxl
please download Ver4.3.4 soft.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-1-31 3:13:33 ] Edit Administer TOP"

PIC18F458 QFP 64 Reply  
PIC18F458 QFP 64 This chip is not recognized by my VP-490 even though it is listed. I cannot read or write to the flash or eeprom section of this chip. Your configuration must be wrong.  PLease help with this or I will return my programmer. It does not work or do what your company says it does.All I want to do is read and write hex data to this micro.
Last post : Re:PIC18F458 QFP 64 Reply: gxj
Please download the latest software.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-1-31 6:45:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

18F458 QFP Reply  
I programmed this chip but after I programmed I read the data back and at the bottom of the data in the ASCII column was the word "SORRY". Doeas this mean the chip was protected and that I have damaged the data? Can anyone tell me please? Thank you.
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-2-2 8:16:30 ] Edit Administer TOP"

18F458 QFP Reply  
I programmed this chip but after I programmed I read the data back and at the bottom of the data in the ASCII column was the word "SORRY"
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-2-2 8:15:19 ] Edit Administer TOP"

PIC18F452 Reply  

The configuration for PIC18F452 in your software v4.3.3 is wrong.

The software says:
Size:F00100H * 8 (15M * 8)

This is wrong, this MCU is 32K flash device.

Please advise.


Last post : Re:PIC18F452 Reply: Dave
Is there anyway of reading the flash and eeprom data only of this chip. I dont want to risk overwriting any other part of the data?

All replies (2) [ Posted:2011-8-21 15:57:20 ] Edit Administer TOP"

erase 35080v6 Reply  
can i erase with WELLON VP-590 memory ST 35080-V6???
Reply the message [ Posted:2012-1-31 19:32:27 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP990 problem Reply  
Hello everyone
I have received my new programmer today, VP990 which i bought from an official distributor in Europe
Do i have to and how can i register for the guarantee?
Also, when i try to read a chip, always shows as chip blank FFF
i used my old programmer and it works ok
Any ideas please?
Last post : Re:VP990 problem Reply: lxl
it is norma.l
All replies (22) [ Posted:2012-1-7 8:20:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

GAL26V12 Reply  
It would be technically possible to add the device GAL26V12 to the VP-380 programmer device list?
Best regards.
Last post : Re:GAL26V12 Reply: lxl
sorry, our programmer do not support it.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2012-1-23 15:44:57 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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