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vp-990 Reply  
I need to know if there is an adapter for the vp990 to be able to program the maxim ds2431x-s+ 1wire eeprom.
Last post : Re:vp-990 Reply: lxl
sorry,we can not find the socket from market
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vp-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - s25FL064PIF - SO(16), 300mil
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Check sum Reply  
Nam Nguyen
Hi, maybe just a dumb question, but hope you guy can help a selftaught newbie. When I load a new file into buffer, I noted the checksum; then when I programmed into the device, VP290 said OK, but when I verify it said "FAIL". Also, when I read the device, the checksum is different. What did I do wrong ? could it be the device faulty ?
Any help would be appreciated.
Last post : Re:Check sum Reply: lxl
chip type ?
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Good morning!

&#160; I need HELP!

After VP Software update can not do more reading, writing!!

Some information?

&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; Thank you!
Last post : Re:VP DEFECT Reply: lxl
please send its photo.

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Download software Reply  
vellon user
Hello, i wish to ask, why is your download so bad?? 4-5kb is download and later connection is broken, i cant download newer version of software, and each time when i try download connection is broken
Last post : Re:Download software Reply: lxl
sorry,yesterday "download 1" is error, "download 2" is good.
now, "download 1" and "download 2" are good.
[ The message is modified by lxl ]
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Which software for VP498 Reply  
What is the best version to use with the VP498? I am asking because with version 4.63 I have been having problems with incomplete burns (primarily with Winbond 27c512).
Last post : Re:Which software for VP498 Reply: wakeen1966
I am using the AC adaptor.
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vp-498 programer faulty Reply  

i am using vp-498 programer

my problem

programfaulty ! 010F5C18150000F6

turkish message

>>Programlay&#305;c&#305; Ar&#305;zal&#305;!ID: 010F5C18150000F6

how my probelem resolve, thanks.
Last post : Re:vp-498 programer faulty Reply: bulent


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how can i build my own mobile software Reply  
good day mates,..

im newbie here,...i just want to learn,..more in GsmSoftware..

how can i build my own mobile software? does anybody can help me..tnx and advance :)

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Over Current - VP 190 Reply  
Hi ! I have some problems when I was programming my Eprom′s 29F040 - 70.Well, sometimes when I am programming(auto program) appear the message OVER CURRENT DETECTED, but the process continue normally, what means this message ? Its a problem or not ?

Thanks a Lot
Last post : Re:Over Current - VP 190 Reply: lxl
plaese use AC adapter

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PLD Device Support Reply  
hi, I have a VP880.

Can you tell me if I can read a MMI PAL16L8ACN with my programmer?

Thanks - Dave H.
Last post : Re:PLD Device Support Reply: lxl
sorry,can not.

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wellon vp-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - gm76c8128llfw85
Last post : Re:wellon vp-890 Reply: lcy
We have add GM76C8128, please download the latest software few days later.
[ The message is modified by lcy ]
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AMIC A29040B-70F cannot erase Reply  
Windows 7
VP-590 Firmware 20
V4.6.2 program

Chip does not erase. Tried Slow Program/Read.


>>Man.Code:37  Dev. Code:86
>>Erase OK!
>> 243.86Sec

>>Man.Code:37  Dev. Code:86
>>.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:00H Buffer Data:FFH
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 244.11Sec
Last post : Re:AMIC A29040B-70F cannot erase Reply: DevoDave
New software erases the chip OK.

Many thanks (again!)

You guys give really good support.

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VP-880 GD25Q64B Reply  
I have these machines "VP-280" "VP-480" "VP880" 
These machine can not write this SPI Flash "GD25Q64B"

Could you tell me this these machines can support this SPI Flash "GD25Q64B" ?

Best Regards
Last post : Re:VP-880 GD25Q64B Reply: lxl
Sorry, VP280/480/880 have stop produce. Its software have stop updated.
GD25Q64B is new chip.
Now VP996/596 support it.

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ttl/cmos test Reply  

Using vp-490 on windows7
Latest firmware and software version

When testing an ttl 74xxx,its NEVER found in autodevice
Then when testing,its always fail.
I use diffèrent ttl,all are NEW and have tested 25 of the same type.

Whats wrong?

Last post : Re:ttl/cmos test Reply: Infirmier
not correctly inserted

i use two computers (one with new software(4.6.2) and the other one with old software (4.4.0) )

i programmed and tested enough chips to know how to insert it.so please dont tell me that i"m doing it wrong when i doing it right

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Over Current Detected Reply  

I am using the VP-290 to program an ATMEL ATF16V8BQL PLCC20 using the WL-PL20-U1 adapter. I can run a blank check, read, verify, but when I erase or program the device, I get an over current detection error warning. I have tried adjusting the Vcc and Vpp voltages but I still get this error. Any assistance is appreciated.

Last post : Re:Over Current Detected Reply: lxl
please download newest software.

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VP990, verify DS1287 Reply  
Hello, I have DS1287, VP990, fw19, soft 2013-08-08.
I can read, compare, but I can"t verify chip.
Sequence: read (ok), compare(ok), verify (fail)
>>Device Address:0000003FH Device Data:00H Buffer Address:0000003FH Buffer Data:FFH
>>Verify fail!

Last post : Re:VP990, verify DS1287 Reply: myx1
Uaually this series of chips like DSxxx or M48xxx are Real Time Clock plus RAM,with lithium energy source.
After AutoPrgoram is ok,read or verify again may cause the RAM data  change.Cancel the Insertion Test is just avoided this situation.
So when Prgoram ok,do not chick others.use it on board.Check the board work or not.
But it must be sure the source files are right.Read from chip can not be reliable.

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pic16f628a Reply  
hi, &#305; have wellon 490 programmer. &#305; programmed pic16f628a. after programming verifying and comparing are ok. but when &#305; read the program in the pic, it seems it programmed just half of the bin dump and also it is complately different from the original dump.
[ The message is modified by nkymk ]
Last post : Re:pic16f628a Reply: lxx
Please tell me you software Version. Which address can"t you read? Please send those pictures to our support Email.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-8-17 23:45:44 ] Edit Administer TOP"

m27v160 Reply  
I have vp 390 but this chip m27v160 I cant copy file onto eeprom the programmer vp 390 says man code0.0 dev code 0.0 please help
Last post : Re:m27v160 Reply: jin
Please add the adapter power when you write the chip.
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NEC D78F0828B support Reply  
I have a VP890.
Could you add support for NEC D78F0828B processor?
Last post : Re:NEC D78F0828B support Reply: lcy
We have support UPD78F0828B, please download the latest software.
[ The message is modified by lcy ]
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can i use vp290 software for vp280 Reply  
can i use vp290 software for vp280 programmer and there is no vp280 software set up on wellon website. plz rply
Last post : Re:can i use vp290 software for vp280 Reply: lxx
You can use 4.3.4 Ver.
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vp-490 Reply  
pls help how to add support the HY27US08561A?
Last post : Re:vp-490 Reply: lxl
VP-490 do not support HY27US08561A.VP-990/GP400 support HY27US08561A.
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communication error! Reply  
last week bought a gp20. My first surprise is that it came with the power switch backwards, I mean when the switch was on, the programmer is off and when the switch is off, the programmer is encendido.bueno, this defect is not very important, but my problem is that after installing the software I can not read or write or delete any device because it gives me the message "communication errors"
the programmer is conected and selftest is ok
[ The message is modified by terrapigui ]
Last post : Re:communication error! Reply: lxl
please email its picture to us
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TH58NVG5T2ETA00 toshiba Reply  
hi , what programmer read this eprom ?
Last post : Re:TH58NVG5T2ETA00 toshiba Reply: lxx
Chip memory is too large, the programming time required is too long. We can provide custom software to the chip.
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hello Reply  
hello  i want to buy the vp-590 it is supported the hynix HY27US08561A *48TS? i have an adapter like this http://www.mcumall.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=3102
Last post : Re:hello Reply: lxx
GP-10 support HY27US08561A.
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M30624FGPFP Reply  
Dear Sir,

i am trying to read and program M30624FGPFP from isp port with VP-990 . i am facing problems as under:-

Please advice me, what i can do in that case.

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VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - HY27US8121B
Last post : Re:VP-890 Reply: lxl
maybe its type is HY27US08121B.VP-890 have support.
[ The message is modified by lxl ]
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ST M95040-W Reply  
I want to read / program this chip.
On device selection of my VP990, there is M95040-W, and this device info on software says 300mil, but datasheet is 150mil.
And M95040-W *8SO says it needs an adapter WL-SOP8-U001.

I am confused which one to select?
And M95040-W does not need adapter?
Last post : Re:ST M95040-W Reply: lxl
please email to weilong@weilei.com.cn

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Please add Pics Reply  
Hello!! Please add pics pic12f1840 and pic16f1526 in Vp590. Best regards, Thank you!
Reply the message [ Posted:2013-7-23 1:17:52 ] Edit Administer TOP"

W25X32VSIB Reply  
may include W25X32VSIB
Last post : Re:W25X32VSIB Reply: kruPL
Windbond top side marking ...
If you have W25X32VSIB ( maybe W25X32VSIG ?) then chip W25X32VSSIG. Please select W25X32V* , sop8 package. Works?.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-7-19 4:14:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP990, read W25X16AVSIG Reply  
I try read W25X16AVSIG
When software 2013-02-20,fw19
>>Device Address:0018FFFCH Device Data:FFH Buffer Address:0018FFFCH Buffer Data:00H
>>Verify fail
I install other version software.Read result:(total commader md5 file )
349a63679e9dc634f2f2d5c89fd40491 *W25X16_4.5.1(2012-11-07).bin
9d930336fe6b9d78002669162bc48fed *W25X16_4.6.1(2013-02-20).bin
81aa11f46ea003bdcd486a612d34e62d *W25X16_4.6.2(12-7-2013).bin
W25X16 algorithm changed/improved?.
[ The message is modified by kruPL ]
Last post : Re:VP990, read W25X16AVSIG Reply: kruPL
I have test on other programmers (thanks my friends).
VP790 + 4.6.2 (2013-06-18) fw 19 -> read ok
UPA v3 build 0.14 read as 25VF016B -> read ok!
Labprog+ -> read ID - fail, test canceled
SPIFlash -> read ok
Finally test on my VP990: erase, programm, verify, compare .
Soft 4.6.2 2013-07-11 is ok.
[ The message is modified by kruPL ]
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VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - MICROCHIP SST39VF3202 *48TS
Last post : Re:VP-890 Reply: lxl
please select SST SST39VF3202 *48TS
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-7-19 10:56:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add -cFeon EN29LV040A *32TS
Last post : Re:VP-890 Reply: lxx
We have add it.Please download new software in a few day.
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VP890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - H27U2G8F2CTR
Last post : Re:VP890 Reply: myx1
pleas download new soft
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Initialization Problem with GP-20 Reply  
Hello! MY GP-20 can not be initialized. It is showing that there are some IC in the socket eventhough there is no IC in the socket or ISP is not connected. Need your help on urgent basis as it is more than 12 days that I have purchased this programmer and till now I have not used it properly. Every time I go to use it I have different kind of proble. I am telling my problem you from last 10-12 days till now no solution of any problem every time new problem.
[ The message is modified by vkmicrosystems ]
Last post : Re:Initialization Problem with GP-20 Reply: lxl
the programmer need repair.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-7-11 13:30:39 ] Edit Administer TOP"

STC Microcontroller Reply  
A lot of STC make microcontroller like STC10Fxx are not supported in Wellon GP-20.Are you going to implement these microcontroller with GP-20?
Last post : Re:ST62T25C Reply: RobM90
Thanks I could program three mcu"s, but to get it, I had to program many times each one. Other detail, I can"t protect the device with bit protection, since doing so the device is damaged.

I tried to program the device in two steps, first the file source and then the bit protection, but I had no success and I don"t know if this is possible in OTP device.


All replies (8) [ Posted:2013-7-4 2:54:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-990 H27U2G8F2CTR-BI help Reply  
need to dump the chip H27U2G8F2CTR-BI but Wellon software has no way selected, I need urgent help. My programmer is VP-990
[ The message is modified by lelobq ]
Reply the message [ Posted:2013-7-9 19:14:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Reply  
I am using the VP-390, but it"s not working well.
I plugged in the programmer and then open the software. Then the following message pops up. I followed the instructions and reconnected the USB port or even reboot my computer for many times. It just happened to succeed once. The next time, it fails again.
That time it was able to connect, the programmer can only read from the chip but failed to write. I am setting the chip model correctly, because that"s what I use in VP-20.
Last post : Re:VP-390 Reply: hexxx309
I fixed the problem by using the 32bit version software, although I am using 64bit win7.
All replies (3) [ Posted:2013-6-28 23:05:10 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-590 at17lv002a Reply  
Hi,I have test using SW 6.4.2 updated 4/7/2013 to write reset polarity. But it don"t work as well as previous version. let me know how to write AT17LV002A reset ploarity !
Reply the message [ Posted:2013-7-4 15:26:28 ] Edit Administer TOP"

V890 Reply  
Hi, I have a s29gl032N90ffis2 programmed and locked. I need erase it. It′s possible ?
How to read the configuration bits prevent the delete.
How to clear it.
Last post : Re:V890 Reply: jin
This chip has a secured silicon sector which has 128 words. The 128 words are OTP, can"t be erased. You can read the 128 words, and they are in buffer address 400000H---4000ffH. Except the OTP sector, you can erase the chip normally.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-7-3 10:21:12 ] Edit Administer TOP"

vp-890 Reply  
aiman said
Hi:plis add - tc58nvg1s3eta00
Last post : Re:vp-890 Reply: lxl
pleas download new soft.
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VP-480 Reply  
Steph R
Using a VP480 (works very well!!).


1.Is there any way (.ini file?) to start software and have Insertion Test not enabled? Sometimes must uncheck this box because programmer shows device failure (device is good...with Insertion Test off, can write and program device OK) If so, how?

2. Is it possible to upgrade my VP480 to VP590. Maybe purchase the VP590 motherboard by itself. If so, how can I do this?

 Sheh sheh and regards...Steph
Last post : Re:VP-480 Reply: jin
1.There’s no way to start software and have insertion test not enable. Because most of chip need to check the insertion test. If some chips poor contact, the chip pin may be damaged. So insertion test must be default.
2.It can"t upgrade the vp480 to vp590. There hardware is completely incompatible.

All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-7-1 4:27:16 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-190 Reply  
I have a VP-190 and need to program a inter format file. However buffer is empty after loaded. I tried to load with the superpro, I can see the content. Anyone can help?
Last post : Re:VP-190 Reply: lxx
You should use PlCC32-DIP28.Because you had PLCC32-DIP32, so you need add DIP32-DIP28.
All replies (5) [ Posted:2013-6-26 17:53:24 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Vp996 adapter error!! Reply  
Hello! The programmer Vp996 is not accepting any adapters. Please help me.I´m using the new software version.Best regards
Last post : Re:Vp996 adapter error!! Reply: jin
Please use the adapter which the "Device Information" shows.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-6-25 22:29:07 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Programming Lattice GAL16V8 Reply  
Hi, I’m having problems programming Lattice GAL16V8 parts.

I have a VP-880 and, I’m using Atmel’s WinCUPL.

My jed files that wont program Lattice GAL16V8s. However, the same jed files used in a Advin 240 programms these parts OK. Other manufacturers parts programme OK e.g. VLSI, ST, Nar. Semi. I found that by selecting Nat. Semi. as the device type I could program the Lattice parts OK!

Thanks - DaveH.

I sent the files you requested on the 12-06-13 but have not heard back. Are you still looking at this issue?

[ The message is modified by DaveH ]

Well, unfortunately, it doesn"t work on my VP-880! I"m using the latest Windows Wellon software version 4.3.4 (you advised that this was the latest s/w that supported my VP-880) - If I select Lattice the GALs (GAL16V8) don"t program correctly! If I select NS (National Semiconductor) they do program OK? I have a friend who has programmed a few of my Lattice parts for me, using his VP-290. Once I"ve got them back and tested them I"ll report my findings here.
Thanks - DaveH

[ The message is modified by DaveH ]
Last post : Re:Programming Lattice GAL16V8 Reply: DaveH
Well, unfortunately, it doesn"t work on my VP-880! I"m using the latest Windows Wellon software version 4.3.4 (you advised that this was the latest s/w that supported my VP-880) - If I select Lattice the GALs (GAL16V8) don"t program correctly! If I select NS (National Semiconductor) they do program OK? I have a friend who has programmed a few of my Lattice parts for me, using his VP-290. Once I"ve got them back and tested them I"ll report my findings here.
Thanks - DaveH
All replies (4) [ Posted:2013-6-11 6:21:45 ] Edit Administer TOP"

programming 29LV160 tmc-90 Reply  

I have the VP-390 and i want to program the 29LV160TMC-90 44 pin SOP. My programmer will only program the 48 pin TSOP 29lv160. The only difference i see to the SOP compared to the TSOP is the 44 pin SOP does not have the RY/BY# pin.

if i make an adapter for the SOP to match the pinout of the TSOP and use the 48 pin TSOP mode to program the SOP will it work ?


Last post : Re:programming 29LV160 tmc-90 Reply: lxl
yes,you can

All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-6-22 22:11:25 ] Edit Administer TOP"

VP-390 Fails to write to 27256 Reply  
I am trying to write to 27256 eproms.
They appear as blank but as soon as I start to write get the same error.
>>.Auto Program......
>>Device Address:00000000H Device Data:FFH Buffer Data:00H
>>Auto Program fail!
>> 1.10Sec

I have tried on about 20 chips with all the same issues. I am using a power supply with the programmer. I am using version 4.6.2 of the software and my firmware is 15.0
Please help
Last post : Re:VP-390 Fails to write to 27256 Reply: lark
Maybe there is a chip that goes bad.Please test the voltage of the pins of U10(LM317) when you are testing VPP12V.Pin1 is 10V,pin2 is 12V and pin3 is 17V.If the voltage of pin1 and pin3 is right,pin2 is error, maybe the U10(LM317) goes bad.

All replies (6) [ Posted:2013-5-25 15:00:51 ] Edit Administer TOP"

V990, support MX23L6454 Reply  
I have VP990 and need read MX23L6454 (mask rom from Macronix .).
Is it possible add support this chip to the VP990?

Last post : Re:V990, support MX23L6454 Reply: kruPL
I can read chip. I tried different devices from chip database: MX25L6405D, MX25L6406E, MX25L6445E. (device id=off, VCC=2,7 or 3V). Read at 2,7V is correct ! (in datasheet MX23L6454 min. 3.0V).

Thank you

All replies (4) [ Posted:2013-6-6 5:44:48 ] Edit Administer TOP"

Windows Version For VP880 Reply  
Could you let me know which is the last version of your windows software that works with my VP-880.

Thans - DaveH
Last post : Re:Windows Version For VP880 Reply: lxl
Ver: 4.3.4

All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-6-10 1:48:23 ] Edit Administer TOP"

LCD/LED Programmer Reply  
I am looking for Laptop LCD/LED Screen EDID Programmer.
Reply the message [ Posted:2013-6-9 18:15:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

ST M28W320FST @47BGA GP-20! Reply  
hello I have GP-20 and ST M28W320FST @47BGA and universal adaptor BGA48.
I need routing adapter to wellon GP-20 (pin to pin?)
how to connect
Thank You.
My english is poor :(.
[ The message is modified by krzysiek-8 ]
[ The message is modified by krzysiek-8 ]
Last post : Re:ST M28W320FST @47BGA GP-20! Reply: jin
We don"t provide the wiring of adapter, you can contact our distributors to order the adapter directly.
All replies (1) [ Posted:2013-6-8 6:10:31 ] Edit Administer TOP"

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